Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will you still love me...

Will you still love me ?
Most of us do it. Crop our profile photos just so, a little Photoshop here or there. Suck our chins up, lift our eyebrows, make sure we are photographed from our "good side".
Some of us don't even want to be in the picture, afraid to show others how we look, who we are. As if how we look, is who we are. Will you still love me?
I cried when I read nienie.
I cried for her loss, I cried for her bravery, I cried for her spirit, I cried for her pain.

I cried for her honesty.

A picture tells a thousand words. A tragedy, a triumph, a love story.


Breezy said...

It isnt how we look... what we wear... what we say... or do.. it is how we make others feel. It all comes down to one thing.. love!!!

design gal said...

it's so true


It rips my heart out. Truly. I can't read it without crying. But I am happy/sad at the same time. She is everygirls' hero.