Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fifty = "Towanda!!"

Suzanne, at The Farmer's Wife, recently wrote of women my age having "Towanda" moments! What is a Towanda moment?
It is a moment when you are not you always used to be.
It is a moment when you're not you always used to be.
It is a moment when you realize you won't spend time with people and activities unless they really mean something to you and make you happy.
It is a moment in which you buy something as a gift and then realize you reaalllly want it and YOU KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF!!!
"Towanda!!" Unheard of 10 years ago when I was still trying to please, always trying to please, everyone.


Breezy said...

When you hear me screaming Towanda in the halls at school.... WATCH OUT

design gal said...

:) Remember when you chased that boy down after he flipped you off in your car? I still love that story! TOWANDA!!!!

cathycan said...

I wasn't even 5o then!! just crazy!! hahahaha

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

Is that what you were calling me behind my back!!!???? You have all the Towanda moments you need to this year!!