Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hi friends!
I just haven't felt like writing...sorry.

Our New York/Canadian Cruise is coming up in just a week. I have travel anxiety.We will be gone for 11 days, tooo long for me. We had the sky miles to use, but in order to use them we had to make this convoluted plan because heaven forbid we pay CASH for a ticket!! Sky miles are soo hard to use! We are staying in New Jersey with Don's niece. There is a bus that stops on her corner and goes into the city with a 20 minute trip.  This worries me. Often, outings with Don are kind of like the Bataan Death March. He is able to go and go and I just can't tromp over New York from 9 - 9! Actually, Don and the boys went to Disneyland last week. They got there when the gates opened at 8 and got home at 11:30! I can't do that so... I worry. I just need to say "damnit I'm tired and we need to go back", right? Yeah...
We'll have two days before the cruise in N.J., then 5 day cruise to Nova Scotia, then two days after in N.J. I like a 5 day trip. I will keep you all posted.

I saw another doctor, a surgeon who specializes in breast and she thought radiation would work but wanted me to talk to the  radio-onc. The radio-onc, (whom I liked very much!) explained the Van Nuys scale to me and it's not about how cool and beach-y you are. The scale rates your age, cancer grade, area and margins and gives you a score. I scored 8-9.  10-12 would have called for a mastectomy. So I start radiation on the 27th of June, every morning at 8:15 for 6 weeks. I can hear many of you saying, "8:15!!" I chose the time, I'm an early riser. I was able to get my tattoos the same day and the c.t.scan. Now that I have 5 tats, I'm considering getting my tongue pierced.
The thing to remember is my cancer, dcis, is a very early cancer.

On a more fun note! I am going to at least two concerts this summer! Just got tickets to David Gray!! and K.D. Lang in August at Red Butte! I'd like to go to Death Cab For Cutie but am not wild about the venue. Maybe just buy the new album and listen to them out in the backyard on a pleasant summer night!
I could go on, but I won't. haha, there are times when I shouldn't write.