Sunday, March 28, 2010

You are a Sentence

Two questions that can change your life from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

I like this a lot.

What is my sentence?

How has my sentence changed, as my role has changed, over the years?

Interesting stuff!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Standing by My Man

Of the two couples, my husband and I are definitely more Carville-Mattlin than Ronnie and Nancy. We are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

For the last decade, my husband has reveled in going to the local caucus meetings and attending the state and county Republican conventions as a delegate. I would also attend the Republican caucuses because I am registered a Republican.
When I was 18 and it was time to register and formally declare my political affiliation, I chose the path of my Republican mom and dad, even though I was pretty liberal, getting into terrible arguments with my dad over the dinner table. Civil Rights, the Vietnam war, bra burning and other topics put us at odds. But I always felt free and unafraid to give my opinion, just couldn't be independent enough to register my true values.
Somewhere along the way, I lost that courage and as I lost my voice the political sides became more and more polarized. I stayed quiet. With the advent of conservative talk- radio, Don grew more vocal as he listened to Rush, Michael, Gordon, Shawn and all the rest of them, railing non-stop over the car radio. Their diatribes were on, full blast, whenever we were together in the car and over time, instead of converting me, it brought out my deep seated liberal sentiments.

So the other night, Don asked me if I would come to the caucus meeting to vote for him.

I thought of all the political wives, who stand on the podium, as their husbands take oaths. How many of them are actually simpatico with their husbands politic stands? How many of them are just up there, supporting their husband in his career, much as another wife might iron her husbands shirts or attend the office party.
I answered, "I don't even agree with the party platform and I certainly don't want to enter the pit on the night they announce the Health Care victory. No."

"But I need your vote! Come on, won't you come to vote for me?"

Thus began my dilemma. How far should a wife go to stand by her man?
The caucus and winning the delegate's seat is something very important to Don. Your spouse should be able to count on you to support them is such pursuits, right? Even when the stands being promoted go against your core?

I went. I voted for Don and I vowed to change my Voter Registration to Democrat.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I've got to get out this weekend and try to find some lambies! The sight of their little, knobby legs and wagging tails says Spring to me, even if the weather does not! When we first moved here, there were lots of lambs, but now they are not so easy to find.
Houses- yes, lambies-no.
Thanks to Chickens in the Road for sharing her babies with us!
Went to a couple of places known to have baby lambies, but there were no itty-bitties. There were young lambs, but they had already lost their knobby knee-d look. Next year I will remember to start looking March 1st!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Only a very thin, young donkey can pull off these striped leggings.
Please Donkeys, don't try this look if you're over 30!
You'll only embarrass yourself and make others snigger.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'll Keep You Posted...

For some time now, the winds of change have been blowing around my school.

Tonight they blew straight up the skirt of myself and 28 other District Literacy Facilitators. We got our pink slips, well...half a pink slip. We will be asked to work at two schools AND also facilitate Math instruction, which will require a Math endorsement. Presently, approximately 10% of us have math endorsements, myself not included.

I have felt this, or something like it, coming for some time but hoped I would somehow be spared the ruination. I still may be, depending on what happens with our school budget, the direction of our new principal and the vision the new district has for us. I still may be able to stay, in some position, at my good ol' school. But that position remains to be seen.

I recently heard about a different job that was hiring. "That would be fun, if I weren't already a teacher" I thought. But today I had two very strong impressions that I should apply. Is it because I am to take a new career path! Is it because it is something constructive to do instead of worrying! Is it because I needed some typing practice! I don't know. I guess we'll see.

It was a little exercise in esteem building. As I wrote of my responsibilities in my job, talents that I have developed and used, and enjoyment of my work, I felt pretty good. It has been a wonderful 8 years, some of the best of my life. I met my best friends there, whom I love and admire and look to for validation, council and laughs!
I am trying not to be too hasty in coming to any sad conclusions about what might happen. I hope it will all work out like I want. I know it will all work out in the end. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three Boring Things and One: "Oh my gosh, did I just do that!?" Thing.

1. I am sorry for the boring post but my mind is empty. It's been a stressful week at work with interviews and reports and job insecurity worries. I am enjoying a boring day off, enjoying the quiet house, the sound of laundry, the little birds chirping on the snowy deck. The snow has finally stopped falling, we've got about 6". Snow is a great insulator, it really quiets things down.
2. Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia: for my money they are the only two guys worth watching. Andrew's coat was way too small, painfully tight in the sleeves and across the back, but I love his funky glasses and style. Yes, he was a "little pitchy", but he's so refreshing! Lee sounded like Daughtrey, and every other A.I. rocker, but he's cute. I like his casual style and his "sensitive bad boy looks". Yeah, that's my description. I'm going to tag that s.b.b. from here on out. So the next time you hear me say, "look at that guy, he's soo s.b.b, you'll know what I mean and, friends, you know how very often that subject comes up in our usual conversations! haha (Notice the semi-colon, colon thingy in my first sentence. I know I have almost certainly used it incorrectly. Semi-colon, colon thingys and who/whom, perplex me.)
3. Watched Zombieland last night and I liked it! It was funny, silly, gross. It took me a while to recognize Abigail (Signs)Breslin and I love Jesse Eisenberg, once described as a hot nerd in Rolling Stone. He has such a beautiful, expressive face. Woody Harrilson is usually such an odd-ball. I want to see him in The Messenger before the Oscars... that means I have to see it tomorrow. Is it still in theaters?
Okay! Now for the "OMG" thing...
I was on my way to a meeting in the middle of the school day. For those of you who work, you know there's a guilty pleasure being away from your desk, outside of your building, driving in your car, in the middle of the day. Yes, it's an excused absence, but for me; I always feel a little bit like I'm getting away with something!
So, I'm tooling along and have to stop at a red light and I'm thinking to myself, "it's so nice not to be in a hurry." I had left earlier than usual because the past two times I have been to this meeting, there haven't been any seats left. I start down the road again and the lights start to flash at the TRAX crossing. I was just going fast enough that I had to decide whether to speed up and race through or come to a pretty quick stop. The truck next to me hit the gas and I thought I had better stop, as a law abiding citizen.
Ding,ding,ding,ding, ding! The rail-crossing arm starts coming down. Its movement catches my eye to the left and I realize it is about to come down right on my car! What am I supposed to do! The arm continues to come down! I have to make a split second decision and I step on the gas and fly over the tracks! Oh my gosh!
It seems like it is happening in slow motion, even though I am going fast! I can see the drivers facing me, one woman's eyes wide with disbelief, her hand to her mouth. The guy in the big, white truck behind her is shaking his head, sneering. I know that the prevailing opinion must be "WHAT was she thinking! I am so embarrassed and, although I was never in any danger of being hit by a TRAX train, a little shaken.
The TRAX arms lift back up. Since I am making sure that I drive under the speed limit, so as not to appear that I sped under the arms because I was in a hurry, the cars that were with me at the stop are catching up. I cannot "face" those people! I hurry and turn into the nearest neighborhood to avoid them and wind my way through the streets until I find my way to my meeting and THAT is my OMG story!
But there is more!!
While at the meeting, I won a 25.00 gift card!