Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Robert Downey Jr, Chest hair and CGI

Since this is movie going season for many, let me tell you about the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
 I think Robert D. is a cute guy. I like his dark looks, his big, brown eyes . Remember back in the 80's when he was in the "brat pack", that group of young actors in all the John Hughes-type movies? Then he got into drugs, disappeared for a long time, and suddenly seemingly out of nowhere, came back as an action hero, (Robert Downey...an action hero?) in Iron Man and was again a wildly popular, a big star...how does that happen? I sometimes wonder if stars like him, with miraculous come-backs, sell their souls to the devil. Anyway...
Robert Downey Jr, a heavily bearded guy with thick, dark eyebrows, appears shirtless in his new movie, Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, and has nary ONE hair on his chest! I found it very disconcerting and thought he was "creepily" smooth, kind of  "Edward, white, sparkly, smooth-skinned". Don't be fooled be the images on google, those "lightly-haired chest shots" were from the last movie, Sherlock Holmes. No, in the latest S.H. he is hairless.
And the movie was boring  I probably dozed through half of it, only waking when the next rattling,  explosion rang through the theater. 
So many movies now, with all their cgi (computer generated imaging) abilities rely, I think, too much on the shock and awe of the close-up shot of a bullet flying slo-mo through 7 different trees in a snowy forest, filled with realistic unicorns racing toward a realistic, yet fantastically other-wordly castle sat high on a craggy peak with, again, realistic yet fantastical see-through dragons gliding overhead as far off off planets rotate in a starry sky. Whew!  And the death defying feats, hanging from a speeding train by one pinky as it speeds around a hairpin curve next to a ravine filled with ravenous crocodiles...come on! While I realize you have to suspend belief, those scenes can't carry a whole movie. At least not to hold my interest. Acton films just do not hold my interest for long.
But if you like action films, CGI, Robert Downey Jr, or you just need a nap, go see it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm done!

 It was a sunny day today!! After two weeks of smoggy, freezing, overcast skies it was a beautiful sight!

Shopping done!
Wrapping done!
Stocking stuffers bought!

Neighbor gifts, Cranberry/blue cheese- cheese balls, prepared to be delivered!
I've never, in many years, been so ahead of the Christmas game!

Groceries bought!
This humble little trio, a mom on piano and her sweet little children on their violin and cello, provided Christmas music to shop by. I was teary eyed as I pushed my cart through the aisles as their innocent, slightly squeeky but beautifully honest notes wafted down the aisles. It was just so sweet and true! It touched my heart with a grateful spirit.

All I need are some Bingo gifts and a unisex "big" gift. And tomatoes. And peppermint ice-cream. And something to take around to the young, single women from church that I visit. And flowers from Costco... Gee, I guess I spoke too soon.

Oh well, I still feel pret-ty, prett-y good about my preparations! That's what Larry David always says "Pret-ty, pret-ty good" Anybody out there watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?   Funny show, but get the edited version, otherwise you'll hear a lot of the "bomb". On another T.V. note, I watched Downton Abbey for the first time! Loved it! I must dvr the new season starting in January!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Excuses, Excuses....

I know I haven't posted in a long time.

I haven't died.
I haven't lost my fingers in a horrible industrial accident.
I haven't run off to join the circus. (although I've been tempted)
I haven't been placed into the Witness Protection Program.
I haven't started working on a PHD. (I'd have to get a Masters first)

So, what's my excuse?

I'm just kind of losing interest, that, and I'm lazy.
I'm not a blogger that likes to check in often, just kind of sharing my day to day antics. NOT that there's anything wrong with that! (I sound like Seinfeld!) Really, I love reading the blogs of those gals who do share their day-to-day, it's just not me. I usually have to have some topic that I need to blab about. And often, when I think of the effort it's going to take to organize my thoughts and TYPE it up, I just think, "ugh, do I really want to share it that bad?"

I'm a horrible typist. I can't sit down and ra ta tat some entertaining or thoughtful piece in a quarter of an hour! I know that if I practiced, practiced, practiced I'd would become faster, but I don't wanna! I practiced, practiced, practiced when I was thinking of a job change last Spring and I got up to a swift 37 wpm. I know, I know, stop laughing!

So, I'm really thinking of
a. giving it up
b. trying to write a small day-to-day antic every week...I guess that would actually be a week-to-week antic.
c. practicing typing WHILE writing the blog more often.
d. hiring a personal scribe.

We'll see. In the meantime, check back from time to time. Just don't worry if I disappear now and then like an old tom cat.