Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally! Grandbaby!

Until my last post, Blogger would not allow me (for some mysterious reason!) to add photos! So I had to depend on  Designergal, thefooze and Facebook to share pictures of my first grandchild. But now that "insert image" is working, here we go!

Ashlyn, being a modest, private girl, didn't want a roomful of people when delivered so we waited for "the phone call". I had just ended my school day when Steve called and told us to get down to American Fork, "she's about to have the baby!" Baby Alexa was born right after that call.
As soon as we entered the heavy, security doors, I heard her angry scream from behind the door of the birthing room, where Ashlyn and Alexa struggled with the Lactation Expert. Steve walked out of  and toward us and at that moment, with baby Alexa angrily announcing herself to the world, I just wanted to burst into tears myself.
It seemed there was a great convergence of the future meeting the past. I thought of all my progenitors. I thought of her little body, already complete with everything that would "make her Lexie". I thought of myself as a grandma. Steve was suddenly a whole new "man" person to me. More so than ever, I felt his independence from me. I know it sounds crazy, but all these thoughts, and more, flashed in my mind, in the time it took Steve to walk across the waiting area and hug me. I didn't let myself cry.
When the lactation expert finally exited the room, we were allowed in.
We greeted Ashlyn's parents and began our grinning marathon. I just could not stop marveling at her!
She was so little and perfect and I thought to myself that, surely, my babies were never that small! Were they? Of course they were, within a couple of pounds! I had forgotten how tiny a newborn is!

 Later that night, when I got to hold her, with Steve making sure I "watched her head", I was in love!

                                            I don't think it ever stops! Right, Grandmas out there?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall is here!

 Golden leaves floating past the windows.
Plum mums blooming in the Aspens.

Windows open to mild temps.

Beautiful Fall!