Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reading Between the Lines

The following is an email exchange between my daughter and me.
"Are you at court today? How are you? I am in such a bad mood, dad started it off this morning talking abt. "yeah, just think, only so many days of daylight savings left. I cant wait!"  I have told him a hundred times, I hate when daylight savings ends. I dont care if it's light in the MORNING! I'd rather have it light at night! So I finally asked him if he really didn't know how I felt abt.it and if he did, how come he had to keep rubbing my nose in it when I've TOLD him a million time I dont WANT TO HEAR it!  It just bugged me! I wouldnt keep reminding him about something that   was going to happen that he didn't want to happen. Im sure he just thought, "wow SHE"S in a bad mood" but I wasn't til he started in. AND he didnt leave any light on for me downstairs, he comes up after his breakfast and shuts everything off. THAT bugs me, it's pitch dark, leave a light on for me.  arghhhhhhh! guess i am in a bad mood hahaha   ugh! well, hope you are having a good day and are in a good mood! : )  love you, mom

I was at court this morning. It was okay- I wasn’t there that long. There’s a door man/bailiff that thinks he’s the shiznit (creepy middle age guy) and he is always discriminating against women. “Take off your shoes” “Put that in the bin” etc etc when he doesn’t make the MEN take off their shoes. He’s an ass. Kirk has complained to the court about him before b/c of the way he acts and he changed for a little bit, but he’s getting back into old habits.
I’ve been moody the past couple of days. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s hard! I also hate…no loathe, when daylight savings ends. Seriously, I get really depressed. I might go tanning once a week, as I heard that helps. But I don’t want to get burnt…hmm…it just sucks. That is rude of dad- I HATE when people don’t leave a light on. Dad just doesn’t think or consider other peoples thoughts/feelings. He just seriously doesn’t get it.  I sorry. Let’s do fun things this winter! I hope your day gets better! We’re ordering lunch today from Village Baker b/c of a birthday. I got egg salad (no bread) and a spinach salad. Sounded good!
Talk to you soon- Love you!!! shan

So many things said here. 
We are both dieting, low carb. Mmmm egg salad and spinach salad! Yum! My choices today were "grilled cheese" (only in the loosest sense of what a good grilled cheese sandwich is) mini-corndogs, frozen burrito. We no longer have a daily salad bar for teachers, only on Wed. and Fri. So it was an apple for me. My weight has steadily been climbing since school started and I've got to get back on the stick...celery stick!
We both are "seasonally affected". While I don't get really depressed, too badly, it is just so sad for me to see the days shorten. Then I remember, you just have to make it til Dec. 21st and the days lengthen once more!
I am trying to stay positive too. She actually ovulated this month and you cant help but get your hopes up.
He really doesn't get it.
I feel better already : )

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wonderful Saturday

Wonderful Saturday, what made thee such a wonderful Saturday?

Was it because there was some sunshine peeking through the clouds, on a beautiful vista of snow capped mountains across the valley? Even with the temperature being 50 degrees, very un-like what we usually think early October should be, it was still a beautiful morning.

Was it the usual NPR Saturday line-up, which never fails to make me think and laugh? It always accompanies me on my journeys to the many exciting destinations of a Saturday morning, like the grocery store. It makes me sad to turn off the car in the middle of a great story and I admit spending way too much time sitting in the car, in the Smith's parking lot, listening til the end of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me". I had a thought today, that maybe I could use my phone to listen with earphones to a podcast. Would people think I was crazy as I burst into laughter, or made some other seemingly inappropriate expression, as I walked the aisles with my cart? Probably.

Was it because we had a fun lunch date with friends, friends who "get us", who laugh at and with us? After lunch, we went over to the mall to buy Don some "excercise shorts" in his words, otherwise known as basketball shorts and a dress shirt. But when he talked about them he kept getting mixed up saying he had to "buy some dress shorts", so that was the running joke...yes, I know, we are easily amused and I guess you had to be there, but those are the kinds of silly things that cause friends to laugh, with and at each other, things that no one else would find funny. Our friend needed new jeans and there was much talk about changing sizes, styles, rises, washes.  We two wives decided he should get the kind endorsed by sexy Mike (Dirty Jobs) Rowe. Lee Jeans knows well, the demographic of  their customers.

Don and Barry left early for the BYU game. As soon as the door closed, I turned off the television, leaving me alone in the house with only the sound of the clock ticking. This is something that I love, but seldom get to enjoy.

And so I sit in the quiet, with only a few well chosen lamps burning softly and type

It was a wonderful Saturday.