Monday, April 25, 2011



I actually had an email I had sent today come back twice before I realized it was because of the message, "hello!" I realize now that the innocuous greeting is the tag for many a Viagra, Young Russian Ladies and other unsavory spam email. Who woulda thunk?

Last night I dreamed of tigers. Acting unafraid as I walked calmly by several tigers (they can smell fear, you know) I made my perilous way into the night. Actually, I never really made it, not because I was attacked by a tiger, no, my ploy worked with them, rather it was one of those "lost, trying to get somewhere on time" dreams. You know the ones I'm talking about.

I don't think it takes Freud to figure this out: tigers dreams + lost dreams = anxiety.
Why was I so anxious, even if it was a sub-conscious anxiety? Double biopsy the next morning, this morning, 8:00a.m. sharp. (Oh! Don't use the word sharp!) I didn't think I was worried, but dreams don't lie.

I have "calcifications". Had them in the right, biopsied breast 6 years ago and now in the left. Saw them 6 months ago in the left, just got the new mammo and there they were, nothing changed. Good right? But the Dr. that read this mammo said he wanted to check them out. So, this morning I found my self with my left breast hanging through a hole, like I was ice-fishing with booby-bate. I just hope, with the metal markers now in both of the girls, I don't set off any alarms.

I am home watching a chick flik, with an ice pack and a bruised boob super-glued together in two places, waiting  48-72 hrs for the verdict.

And now I say


Monday, April 4, 2011

It's is officially Spr-inter!

Dad's 80th Surprise Birthday Party was a big success. Almost 100
friends, neighbors and family were there and he really was surprised!
My mom worked so hard putting this together.

Woke up to no power and 6" of snow April 2nd. It's Spr-inter in Utah!
I need only to look at this and feel all is right with the world!                                                                              

                            I could eat her up!