Thursday, July 28, 2011

I heart New York

I love being in the city, any city, so I loved the New York portion of our vacation.  We actually stayed in New Jersey and, each morning, walked half a block passing the neighborhood Catholic church and little mid-century houses to catch the bus into the city. Most of our fellow passengers, who sat reading, working on their laptops or dozing, were on their way into work. After going through the Lincoln tunnel, we got off at the Port Authority and a hop,skip and jump away, through teaming masses of people, we were in Time Square!

Some of my favorite New York things in no particular order...
I loved this! Talk about a "melting pot"! Right under the Statue of Liberty! This made me so happy and all patriotic!

Birds with french fries!  Yeah, they're happy.
Is this "New York" or what!?
Oh my gosh, the Architecture!

Oh my Gosh! The architecture with limousines!!

Crazy tourists

I want to go back!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

I took my 18.75 yr. old son to a movie the other day. We both just wanted to see something funny, so after a Chinese lunch, we headed over to the theater to see a movie that looked good on the I was expecting the somewhat raunchy type of comedy found in  HangoverI (which I thought was hilarious) and Couples Retreat. Yeah it's off-color, but I being the crass, uncouth person that I am, enjoy that once in a while. Don, on the other hand, does not appreciate anything "crude". So, I figured I would see it with Ty.

Let me tell you, it was very uncomfortable! I thought people must be looking at us, thinking "I can't believe she would bring her son to see this!" (they weren't). Granted, he is an adult and HE was laughing out-loud.  I felt HORRIBLE having taken Ty to see such a vulgar, crude, downright nasty movie. There was no nudity or sex, just the most vulgar, crude talk and situations.

I apologized to Tyler afterwards and he said that he knew I was going to say that.
"It's okay Mom, I liked it. Don't feel bad, I'm a big boy, now."
Yes, you are big and grown -up. And I still feel bad!

The radiation is going well. I will have a couple of exhausted days in a row, thinking "oh no! Here it is!" Then it goes away and I feel great! I think after the weekend, it kind of hits me harder on Mon. and Tues. But by Wed. I feel okay! As they ready me for the gamma-rays, they drape a small towel over my chest, then pull on the center to form a deep,"V" between my breast. The other day I commented that it reminded me of the deep, cowl necked  style of the early 80's, that is now back in vogue. That night I went to a concert with Shan and what was the lady next to us wearing?

Speaking of the concert, I love concerts! They are one of the joys of my life, occasions where I feel my authentic self, I know that sounds kind of silly, but it's true. The David Gray concert was wonderful, at Kingsbury Hall, great seats, lush sounds and creative staging, just wonderful!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation, Radiation

Wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted!
I loved New York and Nova Scotia! Hope to go back to NY now that I know what I want to see and kind of have an idea of how to get around. Taking the bus from New Jersey every morning worked out great and The Fails were very gracious hosts! Fun to spend some time with them and their little girls! On the flight to New York, Don was given a big bag of peanuts packets, don't ask me why. Anyway, when we got them I told Ty that I thought we should share them with everyone. His reply, a wry "Oh mom, always the Socialist", this delivered with a smile and a gentle pat on my shoulder. haha

Started Radiation, so far so good, only 5 days into it but I am optimistically anticipating just being "a little tired" Please, if you have been through radiation don't burst my bubble.

My first day, I emerged from the dressing room, my arms crossed in modesty, gown wrapped tightly around my boobs which were trying to enjoy their unfettered freedom by swaying freely. There were a few men in the waiting area and I thought to myself that "I wish they would make the men wait for patients in another area". The next day I saw the same men and realized I had, as usual, judged too quickly. They were patients themselves.

The actual radiation experience, at the risk of sounding irreverent, is a "crucificatory" a word? When you lay upon the table, your feet are bound together, one over the other with a giant rubber-band to restrict your movement and your arms are raised above your head, hands crossed, gripping some bars. I'm sorry but the first time I assumed that position, a picture of some renaissance crucifixion illustration flashed through my head.

As the different screens/lenses/whatevers rotate over me, I am reminded of a microscope, the old fashioned kind. You had to turn the wheel of lenses for a closer look at the creature in the petri dish!
There is a backlit scene of blossoming trees and a cloud scattered blue sky above me, perpetually Spring. I have to admit that when the techs leave the room for their safety and I am alone with the machine and the cheery tableau above me, I sometimes fight a lump in my throat.

Last Thursday I had a cyst removed from my inner right eyelid... a torturous, horrific, awful experience. Came home with a huge, white patch and Don said he thought we should go out and get some dinner... "You've got to be kidding".

Next week more fun! It just gets better and better! Colonoscopy!! Stay tuned!