Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation, Radiation

Wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted!
I loved New York and Nova Scotia! Hope to go back to NY now that I know what I want to see and kind of have an idea of how to get around. Taking the bus from New Jersey every morning worked out great and The Fails were very gracious hosts! Fun to spend some time with them and their little girls! On the flight to New York, Don was given a big bag of peanuts packets, don't ask me why. Anyway, when we got them I told Ty that I thought we should share them with everyone. His reply, a wry "Oh mom, always the Socialist", this delivered with a smile and a gentle pat on my shoulder. haha

Started Radiation, so far so good, only 5 days into it but I am optimistically anticipating just being "a little tired" Please, if you have been through radiation don't burst my bubble.

My first day, I emerged from the dressing room, my arms crossed in modesty, gown wrapped tightly around my boobs which were trying to enjoy their unfettered freedom by swaying freely. There were a few men in the waiting area and I thought to myself that "I wish they would make the men wait for patients in another area". The next day I saw the same men and realized I had, as usual, judged too quickly. They were patients themselves.

The actual radiation experience, at the risk of sounding irreverent, is a "crucificatory" a word? When you lay upon the table, your feet are bound together, one over the other with a giant rubber-band to restrict your movement and your arms are raised above your head, hands crossed, gripping some bars. I'm sorry but the first time I assumed that position, a picture of some renaissance crucifixion illustration flashed through my head.

As the different screens/lenses/whatevers rotate over me, I am reminded of a microscope, the old fashioned kind. You had to turn the wheel of lenses for a closer look at the creature in the petri dish!
There is a backlit scene of blossoming trees and a cloud scattered blue sky above me, perpetually Spring. I have to admit that when the techs leave the room for their safety and I am alone with the machine and the cheery tableau above me, I sometimes fight a lump in my throat.

Last Thursday I had a cyst removed from my inner right eyelid... a torturous, horrific, awful experience. Came home with a huge, white patch and Don said he thought we should go out and get some dinner... "You've got to be kidding".

Next week more fun! It just gets better and better! Colonoscopy!! Stay tuned!


just call me jo said...

You are pretty courageous. It all sounds arduous to me. I think colonoscopies sound hideous. I'm a wimp. I hope everything goes well. I'll be thinking of you. I've missed you.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Well done Cathy , I love your take on the radiation experience. And, hey, it's ok to get a lump in your throat.

Colonoscopy..hmm I've had one of those, now that was an experience. I think the prep was worse with the special drinks etc.

Stay positive, and pleased to hear that you had a great time in New York.

Breezy said...

You are incredible.. you handle things with such calm and resolve.
Hang in there!

lifeinredshoes said...

Sounds like it's time to say.....ENOUGH!

Carolyn said...

What is this? Pick on Cathy month. Tests and treatments and surgery. But at least every day is one day closer to having all the yucky things over with and having you feeling great and back in good health. I am thinking of you everyday and wishing you some fun and funny moments in every day to keep you cheerful. You are a great friend and a trooper through out all this.

Shan @ Design Gal said...

you never cease to amaze me mom! you are such a strong, amazing woman and I love you!