Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best of Times

Although My daughter, Shan {http://saltlakedesignergal.blogspot.com}, just used this photo on her blog, I just had to borrow and post it! It makes me so happy!
We were out for our annual "Mom (makes everyone go) takes everyone out for a Christmas Concert" occasion. The concert was John Schmidt, the pianist. While I am sure there are many John Shmidt fans out there, we called the concert, therafter, "A Very Schmidty Christmas." Make of that what you will. ;- )
We had just eaten the greatest pizza in the world at the U. of U. Pie Pizzaria where they were playing an incredible mix tape! We walked over to President's Circle to take some pictures before the concert. It had snowed heavily that morning and big globs of snow were falling randomly from the branches onto our heads, mostly mine, having the effect of a frozen buzzard pooping on you. It was just a perfect day.
Shan was at the tri-pod and Steve and Ashlyn were not yet married, so it does not show our complete family as it is presently. We'll get a new shot this year! At a new concert!


Handyman said...

ah, yes! i love this picture! such a fun time- even though the concert wasn't that great, we still had fun!

lifeinredshoes said...

And you all look so happy!