Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking for new music?

You know my eclectic tastes, especially in music.
When my old friend, Bridgette Life in Red Shoes was my brand-new friend, she did not appreciate my fondness for rap. So I am careful to listen to something else when we are in the car.
My husband does not appreciate my opera, so again, it is not played while we are in the car. It is only played when I can turn it way up and lip-synch and get teary eyed.
So in the spirit of diversity, I offer you some of my new favorites.
I am only going to give you links, as so many do not imbed.
Enjoy...or not as your taste dictates.
*La,La,La by LMFAO. Oh I love these boyz, haha, this one has such a funny 80's vibe!
*2 Weeks by Grizzly Bear AMAZING video! 2weeks
*Julia, Julie Soundtrack Alexandre Desplat has other amazing soundtracks such as Benjamin Button


lifeinredshoes said...

Good thing you didn't see the shock and horror on my face that first time you turned on the radio in your car! I wondered just what the hell I had gotten myself into.
The 2 weeks video was amazing, and I heard the song while #1 and I were lunching yesterday.
I'll chech out the other 2 soundtracks, haven't seen either movie, and opera? I think that's an "aquired" taste...

design gal said...

Oh, I love opera & classical music! clair de lune, fur elise, Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma, Puccini, etc....

I just watched Time To Say Goodbye with Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman...where's a tissue?!

Watch Sarah Brightman sing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again! So beautiful! That is a good funeral song.

cathycan said...

Yea, remember that one some day! That's why I want my funeral in the backyard, not church, so many good "worldly" songs haha guess I'll have to plan my demise for summer!

Breezy said...

Cath~~ I am more of a Eric Clapton/Bob Segar blues type of person. I also like classical music.

Why dont you try a mix of your favorites.. you could call it "Classical Rap"