Friday, August 21, 2009

Humphrey Bogart Sandal Wearing Snafu

I feel my intent with the Humphrey Bogart sandal post has been misunderstood.

First, a little background on Humphrey Bogart. You might know him from Casablanca where he famously was supposed to have said, "Play it again, Sam" or the Jungle Queen with Katherine Hepburn.

He was not a homosexual, a word I used because the photo was set in the 40's or 50's, long before "gay". In fact, he had a long affair with Lauren Bacall when she was still a teen and he was a married 45 year old man! They finally married and had two children.

I just found the photo an hilarious caricature of some of the he-man icons of the day!
The sandals were just so incongruous! I would have thought they'd have him in some boots, or fly fishing waders, or wing tips...but not those sandals!


Breezy said...

The sandals reminded me of the grounds keeper at the cemetary in Atlanta. I can still hear his voice telling us we HAD to leave!!

cathycan said...

He was someone you would NOT find surrounded by the trophies of "he-manhood"!