Monday, August 3, 2009

Rock Creek Chronicles Episode1

I'm back! I have returned relatively unscathed from our wilderness adventure in the California Sierra's, but would still argue that families were never meant to be in close quarters together for more than 72 hours at a time, let alone 24/9. Having taken my laptop, I spent every morning writing a little while I waited for my sleepy headed boys to wake up. So, for the next few blogs, I will share with you some of my observations from the trip.
Today begins Episode 1 of The Rock Creek Chronicles

On the road from Vegas:
Barry is working on one of the many puzzle books we brought.
"What's a 7 letter word for playhouse?"
Ty answers, "brothel?"
On the road from Fresno:
There is an old white van in front of us. It has a Christian "fish" on on the back window. It is traveling too slow for Don's liking.
"For heaven's sake, WHAT is WRONG with this guy? He doesn't have a clue! Don't you know how to DRIVE? Why don't you get over, you idiot?"
"Don, don't call him an idiot. He's a fish Christian" I piously admonish him, in my most angelic voice.
Barry demonstrates the correct reproval when he spontaniously says, "Yea, thee rotter, get thee over!"
On the road from Bakersfield:
We hear the classic, shit-kicker, cowboy song Behind Closed Doors.
"And when we get be-hiind closed doors
she becomes a fiiil-thy whore", Barry sings.

I must say, we kept each other laughing!


design gal said...

You are so funny! I posted about this on my blog! And look! You have 10 followers now! :)

lifeinredshoes said...

A word to the wise- never mess with those Fish Christians ;)