Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock Creek Chronicles 4

Day 4-
We went to Bass Lake today and had a hard time finding a good beach that wasn't private or already inhabited by boaters. We finally found a rocky shore that was populated by the local Native Americans, the Mono Indians. I looked for some sign that said "Native Americans Only, Paleface Go Home" and having found none, we decided to integrate the beach.
We had packed a gourmet lunch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with Goober Grape. For those of you who aren't familiar with Goober Grape, with its swirls of carmel and purple colored goodness, it is premixed peanut butter and jelly. Goober Grape is a vacation tradition in our family. As with any gourmet food, it is a little more costly than plain ol' peanut butter and cheap grape jelly. In fact, Don kind of balked at the price, but even he admitted the concept is genius. None of our precious vacation energy spent on tediously applying peanut butter to one slice of bread and then, oh the effort, spreading jelly on another!
The guys played in the water for a while, Don floating in the elaborate floating recliner given him by Bob, his brother, Barry in a small, leaking 2 man boat and Ty, on a cheap air mattress, the kind we used to put our sleeping bags on when I was a kid. The kind that invariably deflated or stealthily bucked you off during the night.
We stopped in town for propane and checked our lottery numbers. We had all pitched in one dollar in Bakersfield, deciding that if we won big we would split it 4 ways. I silently thought that I would probably split mine among Shannon and Stephen even though they weren't along on the trip. I guess that's how moms are. When Wednesday, the day you can check you numbers finally arrived, we sent Barry in with the ticket and he came out waving cash! We won! Our investment paid off! We won two dollars!! Fifty cents each. Not a bad return on four dollars, eh! As good as my 401K. Guess I'll give Shan and Steve each a dime.
We also went into Von's for further supplies. I think we spent the majority of our time in the car going for supplies, you know, flour, fat-back, coffee, some horehound candy for the younguns... Anyway, Ty needed to use the bathroom and asked Don if they had a nice bathroom.
"Depends on what you mean by nice" said Don.
Ty replies "You know, better than the stinking outhouse at Rock Creek."
"Well, it had a lot of gay graffiti and someone smeared poop on the wall."
Barry pipes in, "So what your saying is, it's nicer than Rock Creek."


Breezy said...

Cath~~ When we were at lunch the other day you started to tell me about the lake. It was noisy in the restaurant and I mis-understood what you said. I thought you said Bad Ass Lake...When I went home and read your blog I chuckled to myself when I read Bass Lake. I guess a hearing aid might be in order.heheh

I have had Goober Grape.. and think is is quite tasty.

cathycan said...

WEll, I can understand how you would think a tough chick like me would hang out at Bad-ass Lake! hahaha BTW, that 5 Guys hamburger was dee-lish!