Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Meanderings

The other day, I found mittens on sale for 79 cents a pair. I picked up 10 pair thinking that someone would be doing a "drive" for the homeless shelter this winter and I would be found prepared! But tonight, as I traveled the vast expanse of the internet, surfing on my trusty, red wireless mouse, my typin' hand became characteristically frozen. My thrifty spouse keeps the thermostat at 70, which sounds reasonable during the cold months, but I am always cold! My hand doesn't freeze at work where it is warm! Anyway, my right hand always turns into a popsicle after a while at the keyboard. I thought of my cache of mittens! I took one pair from the bag and, taking the scissors to each fingertip, I came up with a solution! Aside from looking like a cheap Michael Jackson wanna-be, it really does the trick! My hand is warm and toasty!

You already know from an earlier post, that I am afflicted with pareidolia(scroll down) The WIKI articles relates it's not only faces we Pareidoliacs see, it can be just about anything! Today as I drove home alone in the car, I was excited to see a large squirrel sitting on a fallen tree branch.
I squealed with delight to no-one in particular, "OH! A squirrel!" (It doesn't take much to excite me.) I was a bit worried for it, since it was right next to the busy highway! Imagine my disappointment when I realized the "squirrel" was just an extension of the broken branch. Yes my friends, that is the pain of living with Pareidoliasm.

My creatively talented daughter, Shannon, was on television recently and I was so proud of her! She even gave me a shout-out for teaching her the fine art of scavenging for treasures on the road-side! Check out her appearance on "Studio5".


design gal said...

i'm copying your glove trick! my right and is always freezing, while the left stays toasty warm (usually from sitting on it!) haha!

you taught me the tricks of the trade! :) love you momma lu!

Breezy said...

I love the glove idea... I will have to try it at home.
I can see where Shan got her creativity from.. watching her on Studio 5 I thought to myself she looks so much like you.. and has some of your same mannerisms!!!!

Clair said...

I get excited about squirrels too. I just like the little critters.

Shannon did awesome! I wish I had some of her talent.

lifeinredshoes said...

I need some with batteries!