Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midnight Run

I had to make a run to the library tonight to pick up some books. I had promised someone I would pick them up to use in her class. Only, I had waited too long and the hold had expired so, I had to drive to several libraries instead of just one.

It was only 7:30 when I set out, but with the night darkening so early now, it seemed like midnight and I found myself surprised by all the traffic, even though I was a part of it.
"Don't these people know it's late? What are all these cars doing on the road this time of night? Yes, I'm out here but you should be at home!"

90.9, the glowing blue numbers illuminated the car's gray seats and my right, denim-clad knee. I was listening to
KRCL, our local, independent, listener supported radio station. Just about every town has a station like this one, very liberal leaning, with G.B.L.T. public service announcements, Pacifica Daily News, Democracy Now! and the dates and times of drum circles, Reiki classes and Planned Parenthood hours.
The Wednesday night host, Emily, plays the best music every week. But the only time I listen is when I am alone in the car coming home from a workshop, a meeting or shopping. Yet everytime I listen, I hear something new that I rush home to google or find on Youtube. This time,as drove on in what seemed to me the prematurely blackened night, I heard a theme of sorts.
From Oingo Boingo
"We close our eyes and the world has turned around again
We close our eyes and dream and another year has come and gone"

"I'd like to make myself believe
that planet Earth turns slowly" Owl City

The fact that it was dark night and that I longed to close my eyes and dream, made these songs an especially effective soundtrack for my chore.

Help me add to the "Night Driving soundtrack". Send your suggestions!


Dee said...

Sure doesn't feel like planet earth is turning slowly these days :) in any case, we have an independent radio staion here that I love. I will have to listen closer for some night driving songs... does this mean you plan on driving around a lot at night?

cathycan said...

Not until Christmas shopping season rolls around...and I'm hoping to avoid that by getting an early start! Although it's almost getting too late for an early start!


I can't imagine night driving without Jesse Cook Nomad CD. Try it.

cathycan said...

Thanks for the tip, Liberty! I'm going to check it out tomorrow, then maybe do a little night driving!

Barry Cann said...

I love that Oingo Boingo song!