Sunday, October 4, 2009

How Much is Too Much?

Having solved the problem of one of the "small whys" mentioned in my previous post, I immediately felt my spirit lighten. It wasn't the solution I'd hoped for, but the weight was off my shoulders, having done everything I could to solve the problem. I know I am being pretty cryptic here, but there are some situations I just don't feel I can just "put out there." Which brings me to my subject: Do I really need to know you had sex in the airport bathroom or How much is too much information?

Shan and I were just talking about the fact that some bloggers could, in our humble opinion, use a little more discretion when sharing their lives with the world, even as we wondered where one gets the chutzpa to be totally transparent. Is it confidence or ignorance? A plea for attention or a devil-may-care honesty? And what about the repercussions of total disclosure? I know people from my work, church and neighborhood read my blog, so I am limited in some of the anecdotes, trials and attitudes I can share. At least that's what I think...maybe I'm just too uptight?

The "bathroom lover" seemed angered and hurt when someone commented negatively on the post. On the other hand, Liberty Post was recently accused of being sanctimonious after commenting on David "Lothario" Letterman's confession. I've always admired her intelligent candor on issues close to her heart and more especially, her tactful replies to her detractors. She's a class act, for lack of a better term. Dooce shares her hate-mail now and then and, while some are pretty funny, they can be very mean and kinda scary. Of course many of these comments are delivered anonymously. My rule is, if I can't put my name to it, I probably I shouldn't say it at all. But how much freedom do we have when we write to, potentially, hundreds of strangers?

A friend of mine has a second undercover blog that covers the entertaining goings-on at her job. Another friend had a "secret" blog that she directed me to after we shared some personal struggles. Sometimes, I wish I had a "nom de plume" blog. Damn! I just gave away the name I wanted to use for it! On it's pages would be all of my unknown follies, my bitchiest opinions, my hidden fears and heartbreaks. But for know, I am trying to keep up with the public blog, working to not worry so much about what people will think when I give my honest opinion, irreverent observation or awkward emotion and if you ever come across a blog called NomdePlume, it's not me...really!

With all of the dreaming going on in blogland, may I suggest this excellent article in Segullah. While it is written from a Mormon perspective, it's not exclusive in its insights!


Breezy said...

I am glad the black cloud has lifted and your spirits are lighter. Be good to yourself!

lifeinredshoes said...

You are one of the few people that I have shared my recent dream with, it feels to sacred to share on my blog.
I have no doubt whatsoever of where it came from.
Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

Life is good! said...

there is only so much info i want my mom and children to know. it might feel good for a moment to purge my soul and let the world know of everything of me, but enough is enough, i do agree with you. not everything needs said in print!

{B} said...

I totally hope you were the second Anonymous on the bathroom lovers blog. It made my day.

p.s. my captcha was "imens"....sounds like amen to me!

Barry Cann said...

The only rule to blogging is this: Put anything your heart desires into your blog, but accept that you may receive criticism for it. Life is full of critics and show-off's alike. Blogging brings out the best in both.

Amy said...

Candor is a quality I very much respect in people, but I agree some things are too personal to put out there for all of your neighbors and casual friends to see. I've considered doing an anonymous blog for some time now, feeling I have story to tell and experiences to share that may benefit others. However, I promise not to steal your name. :-)