Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Exciting Friday Night

Driving to dinner, the sunset over the Oquirrh Mtns was incredible! One of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen! It appeared giant white-gold flames leaped from the mountain tops, lashing the fuschia streaked grey sky. I didnt have my camera so I have tried to approximate it with the most similiar sunset I could google.

We went to Applebee's. I had chicken-fried steak. I was going for comfort and found it in the chunky mashed potatoes covered with salty milk-gravy.

On the way home, we watched the odometer turn to 19,000 miles. This activity was a lot more fun before odometers were digital. Back when you could actually see the tiny numbers turn. The nine going, going, gone, as zero made its appearance.

We stopped at Costco for gas. A tall, ugly woman with a mass of horribly blond hair filled her tank at the next pump over. Her husband saw me staring and laughed. Then I stared at him and we laughed together. It was a couple on their way to a Halloween party. He was she and she was he.

Just another exciting Friday night.


Barry Cann said...

Uggh... cross dressing on Halloween just never made sense to me. I want to be something ORIGINAL. Not a woman. Woman is not original.

cathycan said...

I wouldn't call it cross-dressing, as such. But I do think it can be offensive, especially to women, when it's portrayed as a highly sexualized sort of "black face".
By the way, you would make an awfully unattractive woman!