Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week-end Update

Yeah, Yeah, I know it's Wednesday...but on to the weekend update.
We saw a great movie on Friday, The Sunshine Cleaning Company. Amy Adams is very good as young woman whose choices have earned her "the short end of the stick" and she's darling. Also stars Alan Arkin, love him and Emily Blunt, she did a good job though I have no idea who she is. This is an Indie flick with nothing tied up neat and tidy at the end. Love that! Went to the new Betos afterwards, "very bare-bones": styro plates , cheap plastic-ware, stark walls, etc, but the food was Muy Bueno!! It's the anti-Cafe Rio.
Saturday took the kids to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. I love that place. We always use a BOGO coupon, actually Don takes in the whole Sweet T's coupon sheet that comes in the Sunday paper and then when we're finished eating, he hands them out to many people waiting in line. That way, he feels like he's done a good deed and stuck it to the man at the same time. While there, we noticed the Chick filet cow dancing around across the road. Steve said, "yeah, since the price of milk has dropped so low, cows everywhere have had to take all kinds of demeaning jobs". Then, some couple walked up to it to have their picture taken, like it's Goofy at Disneyland or something? Ty observes, "they must be from Albania or something" haha
Got released from Young Women, a church youth organization. Thank You, Lord!!! I am not "bright-eyed" enough to be in there with 15 yr.old girls. In my humble opinion, the lessons are out-moded and display a sad lack of scripture. I know, I'm a terrible Mo person.
I gladly accepted the calling to teach the 5 yr. olds where I won't have to bite my tongue, hold my peace or dodge "the elephant in the room".


lifeinredshoes said...

You make me laugh...out loud!
Great post.

shan said...

That was a fun day at Sweet Tom's! Love that place! Ty always says the most random things too! haha funny guy! I'm glad I come from a funny family!

Barry Cann said...

I wanna see that Sunshine Cleaning movie!