Monday, April 20, 2009

Skunk Woman

It is, possibly, the worst picture I have ever taken. Well, I didn't take the photo. I was the subject or rather one of the subjects: husband, sign, hag. I know many of you are now saying, "oh Cathy, you're not a hag!! Don't say that!!" Okay, crone then! Or frump! Whatever you or I call it, I am mortified!! Skunk Woman! I must have 2" of gray on either side of my part! And my hair, needing a shampoo, wasn't voluminous enough to hide it!

We woke up at 5:30 to get to (thefooze)Barry's half marathon. We wanted to cheer him on with a sign and a hoot and a thumbs up! He's so fun to watch! It reminded me of his cross-country days, when, as a skinny kid he would seem to run so effortlessly. He still does! He seems to glide along, back straight, head held high.

Anyway, I knew I was in desperate need of Nice and Easy # 118 but I had been so busy! Last weekend I had planned to do it but Easter and general Saturday obligations got in the way and if I teased it just right and hairsprayed the hell out of it, you could hardly notice the great gray divide. So, on the morning of the race, I threw on some clothes planning to come home and shower and dye.

Then, to my horror, I find the "race picture" all over the internet! Just like Brittney or Reece or Beyonce' caught coming out of a Pilates session with no make-up and sweats! Oh, the humiliation!Do any of you other 50-something gals find it takes more and more effort just to look passingly decent!? Lately, I find myself catching my reflection in the frozen food aisle thinking, "Holy Hanna, look at that poor woman!"

Well, I hearby swear I will try to be more aware of what not to wear, check the mirror with a painfully honest eye before I venture into public and try to keep my "true stripes" from showing! All you can do is try!


lifeinredshoes said...

I won't bother to tell you the sum I pay to keep my locks blonde, you would fall over dead and say, " Oh Bridgette, you don't!" Well I do and it's worth every dime! I also catch myself offguard in a reflection and think, "My, that woman has let herself go straight to Hell!" and it's me!!!!
Now you why I have the red streak, I told whoever had the courage to ask me at church that it was my attitude showing through. No remarks, I don't want to be that boring.Well behaved women seldom make history.

design gal said...

I'm sorry mom! haha! Oh, now I feel bad! I honestly didn't even notice the picture! I think you're beautiful all the time! :)

Barry Cann said...

Welcome to the internet, where quite often you'll find pictures of yourself that you don't like, posted by friends and family that think you look fine.

I'll do my best to work my photoshop magic next time. ;)

Really, though, you look fine, Mom.


Oh you are soooo funny. I use 103! You are so gorgeous no matter what - you just created a new trend! xo

kelly said...

I can't believe you are slammin on the skunks... skunks are a beautiful creature, just like you.