Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post of Easter Past

Today while leisurely driving around town, after visiting Kerry (and Tomas the dog) for a hair-cut and having enjoyed lunch at the Sugerhouse Soup Kitchen with Shan, I completed a few errands on my first day of Spring break (whoo-hoo!). I thought back to Easters past. How, while it doesn't seem possible!, twenty years ago I would have been feverishly sewing to finish Shan's Easter dress, replete with huge white battenburg lace collar, and searching for the perfect white patent leather shoes and appropriately ruffled socks. While fighting the crowds to buy new khaki pants and shirt and clip-on tie ensembles for the boys, I'd probably remind myself to buy eggs on the way home, along with film for the camera and more pink foam rollers for Shan's long, straight hair.

I think back even further to the early 1960's. My Grandma always bought my Easter dress and they were lovely, though usually, scratchy. My favorite was a mint green organza, of course with a very full skirt necessitating a slip with a stiff net crinoline underneath. It rustled when I walked. Some fancy pleating and cap sleeves completed the bodice and a big fabric flower adorned the waist.

While I enjoyed my relaxed day today with nothing more pressing on my mind than menu planning for Easter dinner guests, I do look forward to the day when I will be the grandma perusing racks of ruffled dresses in shades of pastel Easter eggs, a little grand-daughter's hand in mine or finding the cutest little clip-on ties to match a small button down collared shirt with a small grandson at my side.

But for now, I am content with my "big kids" who can shop for and dress themselves and even bring deviled eggs to Easter dinner!


lifeinredshoes said...

Ahh man! It seems just like yesterday.
The Little Loves will be wearing their wedding attire, Brie says they need to use them more. Instaed of dresses I bought them cute khaki capris and pink cap sleaved shirts, matching of course.
I can't wait for you to be a Gramma, you'll be great.

Barry Cann said...

I remember that Easter! I think it was the one where I started crying when Steve found all the eggs. :)