Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goin down ta Hurrkin

We went down to Hurkunn, correct Utah pronunciation of Hurricane, Utah. Her-i-cane is the correct pronunciation of the windy, rainy weather phenomenon in Utah and the rest of the world. But my parents live in Hurkunn.
My mom is doing much better, much stronger although she still gets tired easily. I'm sure the blood thinners, chemo, and "blood-letting" are the causes. She suffers from a Myeloproliferative disorder, and has really been through a lot with it, so it was very good to see her up and about!
They had a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday, so as the neighbors came to check out the wares, I got to meet many and they all think the world of my Mom and Dad. It was so sweet to hear all the concern and see so many hugs! Living 3 hours away, it was comforting to me to see, first-hand, the love of so many for my folks. But how could they not love them? Mom and Dad are the salt of the earth, generous, honest, humble, funny, hardworking..I love them!
Anyway, back to the yard sale. Mom and dad have sooo much they could have sold. They even admitted that they had other things out, but after looking at them for a while, changed their minds. They just couldn't give some of it up, "Too many memories".
I can sympathize with them. I have some "good stuff"(that Don hates) out in the shed. Everytime he mentions "we need to have a yard sale" I resist, too many memories. Those old doors, windows and furniture were hard won. Trawling the streets in the early morning hours, racing another scavenger to get there first, hard labor loading it into the back of the Suburban, then cleaning, painting and refurbishing. Shan also scavenged, we worked together. The pic above is just a small corner of the sale.
The big pay-off, in more ways than one, was the actual Two Shabby Chicks sale. All the neighbors, strangers and their relatives and friends came! It was an anticipated occasion. I loved it! People still ask if we are ever going to do it again and the answer is "no". It was a time of my life I loved, but things have changed so much in the 9 years that have ensued, (mainly going to work full time), that I can never go back.
Much like my dad can't give up the trucking relics that, upon his retirement, were relegated to his garage, I can't give up my treasures in the shed. Their sale would be too final. They are memories I can go out and look at now and then. When I decide I can move on, you will be the first invited to the big sale!

Plus, you know that as soon as you give away the cool old antique door, you find a purpose for it!


lifeinredshoes said...

First up- it's about time you updated your blog!
2nd- I'm so glad to hear that you were able to see your folks, and that mom is doing better. Good neighbors and good friends, what would life be like without them? HELL!
I can still hope for a day that you and Shan get the bug and ressurect The Two Shabby Chicks.
Well, a girl can dream.

shan said...

oh, the days of scavaging the avenues and sugar house! that's before it was the "cool" thing to do! maybe if i gather enough stuff, i'll have a shabby yard sale...but it would take a long time to gather the treasures we found!

Breezy said...

I would love to see the treasures in your shed!!

Lisa said...