Friday, March 6, 2009

Reel fun

Had the day off, always such a treat.
I wanted to go to a movie but didnt see anything that "grabbed me". I love to go to the movies on a week day, during the day. The dark, mostly empty theater feels somehow illicite, at 11:30 in the morning and the lack of moviegoers makes for a comfortable ride. I always see movies I know Don wouldnt enjoy, chick flicks or liberal elitist fare. So , as I sit there I can say to myself, I'm so glad Don isn't here to spoil this with an "oh brother" or "what a bunch of liberal crap". I often go with Shan or a girlfriend. Well, I have to take that back. I don't OFTEN go. Maybe 3 times a year! Last year saw Slumdog( a movie Don had NO interest in until all the Oscar hub-bub) as soon as it came out in the Indie theater with Shan and cried and cried! Also saw The Visitor with Gail, think I cried and cried then , too. Next I want to see the new French classroom movie, The Class/Entre les Murs, featuring the real teacher and many real students. It's sub-titled and as a teacher it grabs me...and I'll probably cry.


shan said...

oooh, i'll go see that with you! it sounds good! i love seeing movies during the day too- not only do you play a lot less, but like you said, there's just something about having the whole theater practically to yourself!

Gail said...

I think we should play hookie and catch a movie.