Friday, March 13, 2009

How Was Your Day?

*"You wanna know why we went to Mexico?...we had to get my dad outa jail" 6 yr.old reading student
*"There will be changes, we won't know exactly what they'll be 'til mid April. But the reality is, there will be changes, the district split combined with the economy...the funding just won't be there..." My supervisor...great
* "So I sold an ad to a dentist today. He splits his time between the O.C. and here." I ask, "is he a young guy? He must be doing well if he can afford to be jetting back and forth." Ty asks, "Is he single?" We crack up. Ty gets mad.
* I had "Chicken Drummies" for school lunch. They look like little fried chicken legs. They taste like various chicken cast-off parts whipped to a froth with chicken protein product and carefully formed into cute little chicken legs. Really, they have the texture of chicken styrofoam. But with a good , heavy coating of ranch dressing they are still pretty much like chicken styrofoam.


lifeinredshoes said...

How about Country Fried Beef Fingers, what the Hell are those? Or perhaps the giant flower shaped chicken patties cooked to a crackly crunch. If it weren't for the homemade ranch dressing NOTHING in that lunch room would edible.
Guess I could pack a lunch.

Barry Cann said...

Haha! School lunch food is great. I remember the "rib" sandwiches, which were really a concoction of minced beef product, stamped into a rib-shaped mold.

shan said...

Barry, isn't that what the "McRib" is?

Also, that story of Ty asking, "Is he single?" was so funny! Thanks for a great St Patricks Day dinner! We had so much fun! love you!