Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Like a virgin....

blogged for the very first time! I actually have butterflies! I have not been so excited and nervous about something for a while! Excited, yes. Nervous, yes. But excited and nervous, in a good way, not in a long time! Okay, I realize that if I continue to blog, I have to cut way back on the exclamation marks!! and I have to decide which font is really me! eeee! haha!
I'm sure at some point this will become less exciting, maybe even drudgery, " ugh, I've got to write something for the ----blog AGAIN.
But for now, it's fun and great and exciting. (like so many things that start out fun and great and all...)
Why acannthus?

1. I find, as I age, I am more prickly.

2. My name is part of the word, always cool when creating a blog name.

3. I like the artsy aspect of the acanthus leaf; Classic Greek columns, design motifs..

4. and, I like the botanical aspect of a green living thing.

So, here's to many blogposts!


shan said...

i'm so proud of you! now i can enjoy your amazing writing skills on a regular basis! :) love you!

Gail said...

You make me laugh... you make me cry... and you make me think... would more could ask for in a friend. You know I love ya


Barry Cann said...

Ahh, okay. I am not well versed in the botanical sciences so I had no idea what an acanthus was but now this all makes sense.

I'm glad you have a blog now!

Clair said...

Cute blog Cathy! I love your blog name, so creative!


Hello from Canada! Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging!