Thursday, February 9, 2012

Overheard in...

Fried chicken from Smith's, steamed fresh broccoli, instant mashed potatoes, rolls.

Mad-  "Ughhh, this chicken is terrible! Is it okay to eat? How old is this chicken, it's soo dry? Where did you buy this chicken?"

Calm- "Smiths. It was on my way home."

Mad- "Well, it's the worst chicken I've ever eaten, geez, it's awful! What's the date on it?"

 Calm- "I don't know. It's from the chicken place, the deli guy put it in the bag from the big pile o' chicken."

Mad- "Well, it's terrible. Ugh it's so dry. This is yesterday's chicken!  Worriedly- This won't make us sick, will it!?

Calm- "I'm sure it's fine."

Mad- "Well, this chicken is the wors..."

Calm- Still fairly calm "Shut Up about the chicken! So it's not the best chicken, sheesh!"

Mad- "Didn't you look at it when they bagged it?"

Calm- "No, I didn't. I've been gone for 12 hours. I was hungry and tired and we needed dinner. You are welcome to fix dinner any Thursday when you know I have a late class."

Mad, -  Angrily  "Well, if you didn't want to cook dinner, why didn't you just say so!"

Calm- Silently, calmly, chews her dry chicken.  It was terrible chicken.


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Oh dear.."Calm" is very very patient, me I would have probably picked up the chicken and left it in "Mads" lap.

So I guess Thursday nights is "Mads" cooking night from now on? Bet he gets takeout.

lifeinredshoes said...

It's going to be a looong weekend :(

That explains the 11:00 am garage.