Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sundance! I finally got tickets!

                                                  First movie- Middle of Nowhere

She gives up Med School to support her man while he's in prison and finds herself in the process.

Gourmandise Bakery, one of my faves!
Saturday morning, Shan drove up in a pouring rain, to pick me up a couple of hours before the movie. We figured 40 minutes before the film to be in line, 45 minutes to eat our scrumptious Gourmandise brunch, and half-hour to drive and find a place to park. Yes, we were women with a plan...and umbrellas!

The wait line was inside at Rose Wagner Theater and thank goodness, cause it was still cats and dogs outside! The theater filled, finally leaving only a few single seats open, one of which was next to Shan. Soon, down the aisle lumbers an older woman, trailing an oxygen unit beside her, the Pssss, Pssss, sound preceding her. Shan immediately starts to pray, "not this seat, not this seat..." Shan's a kind, compassionate person but the high, whistle-y pssss of a p.o.c. just hits her ears like a tiny dog whistle. But, sure 'nough the old gal takes the seat next to Shan. But whatever, Shan figures if she's got the gumption to make her way out to a movie or 20, she was wearing one of the platinum passes, good for her.  Then she proceeds to cough, and cough, the very deep, phlegm-y cough of my poor old grandma who died with emphysema. Then she proceeds, once the movie has started, to slowly and laboriously open some candy wrapped in the most child-proof, crackly, crinkly, material known to man.
 She has a large, opened bottle of water on her knee and about halfway through the movie, it proceeds to tip, first spilling over to pour onto Shan's upper pant leg, then falling to the floor and splashing up and soaking Shan's lower pant leg. Through it all, the poor woman really smelled like a Depends past its prime. Poor old gal...and poor Shan.
She figured maybe it was Jesus in disguise. You know, the "when did we see thee in prison..." thing, so she tried to cut the "Oxygen Woman" some slack. Shan's pants were soaked.

Anyway, we loved the movie! Great cast and very thought provoking. Watching Ruby discover her strength, seeing her eyes open, finding her voice, gave us so many things to talk about, like motivations, being blinded by love, family dynamics and other important things such as how hot the lead actor was. It has a super soundtrack that I hope will be released soon!  It was fun to see the stars in a question/answer session after, to hear their thoughts on making the film, on their characters. And it was especially fun to spend a rainy, Saturday morning with my girl amongst the cinophiles : )


just call me jo said...

I have always wanted to go to a Sundance Film Festival. Tell Shan she surely will be blessed. (I would have killed the old girl.) (She could have been my mother except that Mom doesn't go out any more...) I'm glad you had fun.

Shan @ Design Gal said...

LOL- oh that poor woman. She was a little stinky too. *sigh*
Aside from the old lady, it was a perfect day! Thank you for inviting me to the movie! It was such a treat & I wouldn't have wanted to experience my first Sundance Film with any one else! Love you momma!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Wow, what a great day you both had, even with the old lady. I think she adds some colour to your adventure.