Monday, July 12, 2010

This made me laugh

My friend Marla posted this on Facebook, a spunky old gal talking about style. I answered I didn't think I had any style, but I expect my movie stars to have it!

Doesn't she look awful! Bust too small, hips look huge! Granny sandals with dress too short. Lanky hair, no make-up, no accessories... Maybe she remembered, at the last minute, she was supposed to be at an awards show.
At first, I thought that was Tom Cruise beside her! hehe, Sorry Tom. You're probably taller than Daniel Radcliff and you WERE adorable in Knight and Day.
Well! that bit of snark was just what I needed!
I have jury duty tomorrow, first time ever! I'll let you know if anything exciting happens


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

She really needs to fire her stylist..
Why would you not know yourself that it is totally wrong!!

Good luck with jury duty.

lifeinredshoes said...


The whole thing is ALL wrong!!! And having her stand next to Harry, he looks a Munchkin!

And yes, she should have her stylist's head on a plate.

design gal said...

the hem is way to short! she should have just cut it above the knee