Saturday, July 31, 2010

Come with me through the garden gate...

Mid-July the garden starts to look a little...tired, overgrown.
Many of my plants are between blooming. The Morning Glory is going nuts. Everything just needs a general clean-up this time of year. I was so proud of the results of all my hard work, I took some pictures. If you click on the picture, you'll get a better view.                   
This chair and teacup planter greets you as you walk up to the front porch.
We have to go through the gate past the old metal chair and one of my watering cans. I love the old red mailbox on the fence. Too bad the Bleeding Heart isn't in bloom.
I love sunfaces and little bits of garden whimsy like the big wire bee.
I got this brick from an old farm they tore down and the bench from a yardsale.
The planter is an old "topless" table I found in a junk pile.

We found the old pipe when we were roto-tilling the garden when  we first moved in.
I made these concrete orbs, I'll do a tutorial sometime.
Hostas in the damp, shade. Want to gaze into the future?
I found the old bike back when I used to have time to scavenge.
I love it! Ditto, the old window frame.
I sit out here, just about every Summer night, reading, writing, listening to the fountain.
One of the baskets hanging from the railing. They are ALWAYS thirsty!
The view from the yard, west to the Ochre Mtns. I love it!
 I wish we could all sit down on the adirondacks and have some lunch, laughs and cold drinks together. But for now, the walk will have to suffice. I hope you are all enjoying your own yards and all other summer pleasures, this year!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Nice job. I love your use of the garden sculpture. Looks like a great place to sit and have a cool drink.

design gal said...

i've always loved your garden and so has anyone who's been in our backyard!

lifeinredshoes said...

Shan, I absolutely agree! I still remember the first time I was in your yard, it was at your last, insert tear here, yard sale.

For all of you out there, Cathy and Shannon used to have the most wonderful yard sales! They would collect curbside cast-offs and work their magic turning every piece into a treasure!Oh how I miss those:(

Cathy, your yard and home, like you, are beautiful, welcoming, and always a breath of fresh air :)

{word veri- nestin, how appropriate}