Monday, May 10, 2010

A little cheese with my whine, please?

This may be the week,
that I learn the fate of my job.
Depends on budgets.

I was given a
"thanks but no thanks"
concerning a job
I applied for,
felt very qualified for,
was assured I would get by EVERYONE ,
let myself think I had a chance,
read the "thanks, but no thanks"... twice
then felt like a dum dum

what now.

To add to it, I am doing something I SWORE
We are in the middle of an addition to our home. I said, NEVER again and here I am.

Can we say
stress, lack of communication skills, dollars flying from our pockets, yard a mess
I know people live and function with horrible situations that are many times more stressful than mine
but I just can't take it (don't want to deal with it)
I don't have good coping skills
I just want to take drugs (that I don't have) and go to bed and sleep through it.
To escape
Wake me when it's over, please.
Just leave my new job description on the mantle in the newly completed family room.


lifeinredshoes said...

NEVER! That statement has come back to kick me in the ass more times than I can count.
You are a wonderful communicator, your other half however.......
Hang in there, the open road awaits us:)

just call me jo said...

Shit! I hate that you are miserable. I too don't like to feel flummoxed. The really sad part is that though you feel as if you could expire, it's never that easy. You just have to live through it. That's the shitty part.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

If anyone has the right to whine, then I would say at this point in time it would be you. We have all had those moments, when all we want to do is just lie in bed, take drugs, and have someone tell us it's all over. Believe you me I have had my fair share of that stuff.

Now days, when it looks like it's starting to happen again and I won't be able to cope I remember a TV show I watched called."The Dog Whisperer" Caesar, the host, always reminds people that we should live like a dog!

Focus on the moment, just on the moment.
You can't change whats happened, and you can't try and figure out what is in the future.

I agree, live in the moment.And focus in that time frame.

cathycan said...

nana, I was afraid you would suggest I get into the trash, eat it and then throw up on the living room carpet!
I'm a little self-conscious abt. my complaining. I'm usually not such a wimp. You guys are so nice, thanks for the sympathy!
I'll buck-up!

Angie Muresan said...

Well, sometimes one just needs to whine a bit. That's just how it is.

Breezy said...

Its okay to whine.. but you know me .. I would rather have wine!!

Patti Friday said...

Time to drive your own car. Stick to it. You can do it. Easily. Hugs. xo