Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law

What to write? I must write something, I feel a responsibility to my vast readership. (snicker, snicker)
My blog looks at me with reproachment. Actually, I just heard that pronounced on the radio as reh prozh mon. Ooh, I like that!
Like a sad puppy, the blog says, "Play with me, pay me attention, or I will have to look at you with reh prozh mon! Apparently, eet ees a leetle French Poodle poopy!

On Arizona's Immigration Bill:
While listening to NPR today, Neal Conan asked reporter Peter O'Dowd the question, "has there been any suggestions as to how police are supposed to recognize an illegal immigrant?"


Honest to Goodness, he answered, "Let's say you are pulled over for a speeding ticket, just having brown skin, that wouldn't warrant your showing proof of citizenship(whatever that might be)
if you're pulled over for a speeding ticket and you're in a car with 5 other brown skinned people, near the border, and there are OTHER circumstances involved, then it would be okay to ask for *proof of citizenship."

OKAY, here's what I want to know.
What exactly might these OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES be...?
Perhaps NorteƱo music playing? A Virgin of Guadalupe on the dash? Maybe on their way to a landscaping or slaughterhouse job?

COME ON PEOPLE! How can it not lead to profiling?

comments? Let the reh prozh mon begin.


just call me jo said...

Immigration without proper documentation is already illegal, folks. Let's try enforcing it for once. That's NOT profiling. IF other than brown-skinned people come into our country illegally, I'm sure they too will be asked for proof of citizenship. Also, try punishing people that hire illegals and harbor them. If you don't believe in the laws in the U.S., then why are YOU here?

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my hell, you know where I stand on this subject.
What part of illegal is not understood?
I don't give a rats ass what anyone thinks or says, if you are suspected of being here illegally, that is all the reason needed to pull you over.
We or "they' have gone so far overboard in the attempt not to hurt anyones feelings that we have bankrupted our country.


...enough said...

Breezy said...

This is such a polarizing issue but I feel I must add my opinion.
I don't want to give the police that much power. Police should act on a person's actions not their appearance. Probable cause is a green light to pull over most anyone, anywhere. I know this FIST HAND.

Probable cause was the reason we interred Japanese Americans in Topaz Utah ... Was that ok??
If round them up and send them back, do you honestly think they won't re-enter the United States?? Many of them have families here. Their children are citizens.
A better solution to this issue would be the enforcement of hiring practices in this country.

To blame the bankruptcy of this nation on illegal aliens is simplistic at best!

Anonymous said...

Wow Breezy
Great thought provoking statements.

Anonymous said...

I agree Breezy. "To blame the bankruptcy of this nation on illegal aliens is simplistic at best!"

Go after the employers. Do you really think anyone wants to leave their country, family and all that is familiar to them, unless they can get a job here?

I am not afraid of hurting their feelings (again simplistic). I am afraid of creating an atmosphere where civil rights are trampled on to appease those who would rather swallow a "fox news" sound bite than thoughtfully look for a solution. Do you really think "only" illegal immigrants will have to show proof of citizenship? Have you never left your house and realized opps I forgot my license in my other purse or in my pants pocket? What is proof of citizenship? How many of us have our original birth-certificates? There are a ton of people in Louisiana, that might be hard pressed to come up with one.
Have another cup of kool-aid Arizonians.
-cuz in cali

Marla said...

This will fall flat without the picture but about 30 years ago there was a funny picture in National Lampoon in an article about illegal immigration and it showed an old school bus with cutout silouhettes of pilgrms on all the windows and a banner reading "Yankees si mexicans no".

it can't NOT lead to profiling.

Patti Friday (a.k.a. Liberty Post) said...

This is so hard for me to hear. I understand both sides. I worry about the safety issues. I worry about the lives of those people who 'only want a better life'. I think of the jobs 'they' are 'more than willing' to do, when others won't. I fear violence. I get it and 'I don't'. I think it all comes down to this for both sides "Walk a mile in my shoes." xo

lifeinredshoes said...

Hey Patti Honey, can we ship them up to you?

And come on, we ARE bankrupt, and at least one finger is pointing at illegals.

Sea Witch said...

Illegal is NOT LEGAL. This is not racial profiling, this is enforcing a FEDERAL law already on the books. One country cannot absorb the entire globes ills or wants. I suspect part of this issue stems from many of the illegals who come here refusing to assimilate as Americans. Learn our culture, speak our langauge and respect and obey our laws. It is what I do whenever I live in other countries and I expect no less from those who come to ours.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh Sea Witch, you are my hero:)

cathycan said...

Sea Witch, Be assured, it is NOT one country trying to absorb... Great Britain, Europe in general, Israel and others are all struggling with this very complicated problem.
Without a secure border it will continue to be a revolving door problem, but with the added expense of arresting, jailing, and transporting illegals back over the border: only to enter again in a few weeks.
Arizona does NOT have the panacea! The FEDERAL law(Title 8 Section 1325) of which I think you speak, says nothing of deportation, only fines and imprisonment