Friday, April 2, 2010

People Think I'm Nice...But, often, I am not.

I know I'm a few weeks late on this one but does anyone remember what Gaborey Sidibe wore to the Oscars? Stacy and Clinton where were you when she needed you!?

As a "big girl" myself, I was horrified by that dress! There were so many things wrong with it. They got a couple of things right, but for the most part, sooo wrong.
I'll give you the good news first:
The gathered fabric in front nicely hides the tummy and the diagonal line across the bodice is always flattering.
The bad news is:
The dress is too long! Whomever she paid to make it for her should have had her wear the shoes to be worn the night of the event to ensure the length was right! 4 inches of fabric puddled at your feet does not elongate your look.
I'm sorry, but when you have big ol' arms like that, please cover them with a sleeve. I know where-of I speak! My upper arms haven't seen the light of day for some time now! It would have looked so much more flattering with a sleeve, even just to the elbow.
"Off the shoulder" needs pronounced shoulders to look good. Bring the sleeve up over the crest of her shoulders for a wide sweetheart neckline and drop the neckline a little.
That lace looked like something you'd pick up at Michaels. That aside, take off the piece under her left boob and the one near it running horizontally. Line them up with the others sweeping diagonally across the dress and lower the large lace motif on the right a little lower on the hip.
It's true! Black is slenderizing! Wear black!

These sleeves are great! I think she was a little thinner here, but the lower neckline and sleeves make all the difference.
Forgive my horrible photoshop skills, or lack there of, but I think this is much nicer! Picture it in black.

AND.... Wardrobe malfunction my butt!! Her STRAP broke?? Honey, that "strap" is 5" wide! That is a shoulder seam. What a cheap publicity stunt. She announced she was leaving her T.V. show a few days later...I'm embarassed for her .


lifeinredshoes said...

I thought the dress was heinous! My first though was, that'a a helluva lot of fabric. It was toooo much for a girl of her proportion, and you know me, I'm a biggy myself.
And isn't she some protogy of Oprah? where were her wardrobe people?
As for the the phony malfunction, I missed it. And that never happens to men.
Come on Robert Downey Jr., forget to zip your fly:)

Breezy said...

She really should have had Stacy and Clinton as her fashion experts. She needs some serious help. I also missed the wardrobe malfunction..maybe they are a planned event at awards shows..:)

design gal said...

Hold on...i'm still daydreaming about seeing Robert D with his fly down...mmm mmmm! lol!

I agree- but you're sitting next to me and we've discussed it so you know that! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Right on! I am no lightweight either and I thought the same thing on this dress. When you are that large, camoflaging your tummy is not your biggest problem. I thought off the shoulder was a horrible choice as well as the bulky non-sleeves. The dress did look kind of cheap and I felt really bad for her, it seemed like no one is looking our for her.

Jill said...

People think I'm nice too and I'm not. I'm also not very PC. That being said, the dress is a nightmare! Also, this "girl" is 27? I was shocked to read that, she talks like a 16 or 17 year old.