Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Love Affair Re-kindled

We met every Winter for several years.
It was always a good time. You were very entertaining, always good for a laugh, although I sometimes felt bad that our laughter was at the expense of others...well, not that bad!
You were a distraction from the cold, dark nights and I must say, there were times when I just could not wait to see you again!
Then, I just lost interest. Our relationship had staled...
Until tonight.
When I saw you again and I liked what I saw!
Once again, you will be my Tuesday night date!
American Idol, I'm back!

There are some great finalists this year!

LOVE Andrew Garcia! His take on "Straight Up" was so fresh and love that John Legend-esque voice!

Janell Wheeler's "American Boy" a song I love), very creative! She made it her own, so different from Estelle's!

Lilly Scott, also unique, great voice.

I like the more unique contestants. Not really impressed with the Colbie Caillat wanna be.
I thought Ellen made for a nice balance. I really like her!
So, those are my three favorites. Who do you like?


Breezy said...

ummm.. I like Ellen

Anonymous said...

Was this the Tuesday night show? I forgot to DVR it. I got the Wednesday night show, with the groups. Boy, that group night is probably real hell. I think they lose some talent that way.

I think Ellen rocks but I was surprised how serious she was. I read that she was funny Tuesday night.

I don't have any favorites yet. There was a girl who has a sort of "Bonnie Raitt" tone that I recall, but I can't remember her name or what she looked like.

I totally believe that Simon can be charmed by the cute girls. He plays favorites that way and I've seen the more talented get the boot because they're not as pretty. You see this sort of glazed silly grin come over his face when the beautiful girls walk out. Even if they're total losers musically. annegb

Barry Cann said...

I've not been watching American Idol this year. I'll have to catch an episode and give you my favs.