Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Things Mean a Lot

e me a hand when I've lost the way

ve me your shoulder to cry on...

ive me some candy or just a kind word)

le things mean a lot
deman-Stutz 1953
(Words added by me)

So many little sussies today!
Claire, for the sweet surprise in the mail
Gail, for the note on my desk
Sherri, for the compliment
Teachers, for humor in the face of maddening demands

Thank You! Little things truly mean a lot!
It takes so little to brighten someone's day. I'm going to try to do so, more often,
myself !


just call me jo said...

They truly do. I need to be reminded often! Thank you.

Clair said...

I’m glad my package made it to you! Condie’s chocolates are the best! I didn’t even know they existed until one day in December I was at my uncle’s house. He accidentally left his his Condie’s chocolates on the dinning room table and went to work. I spotted them and I knew he won’t mind sharing a piece or two with me. :) I’ve never been so impressed with a chocolate before. They are my new fave!

Breezy said...

Cathy~~ you always brighten my day with your smile and your humor.

lifeinredshoes said...

I feel bad, I should have done something:(

cathycan said...

Bridgette, you have done nice things a million times!...and that's just for me!