Sunday, December 6, 2009

Enjoy a little tour of our Christmas world.

I think we've all established that it's family that makes the holidays bright. But the trimmings at Christmas, for me and mine, are not only powerful links to the past, but stir the very emotions called up in this tender season. A decision not to include an item displayed in previous childhood years, is met with wails of protest, because of the special place it holds in the hearts of family members.
As I peruse decorating blogs and magazines, admiring the beautiful Christmas decor ideas in trendy colors or elegant themes, I realize that my Christmas decorations, not decor, are decidedly distinct.
They reflect, sometimes literally, years of collecting.

Close to half of all the ornaments that hang from the branches of our tree are pre-1960, bought at estate sales and thrift shops. Some were inherited from Grandma. They are all glass, with finishes that have tarnished and flaked over the years, giving them character.

The Dept.56 Village pieces were bought, almost always at After Christmas sales or at store closings or as beloved gifts from Don, whom over the years has come to appreciate the charming collectables almost as much as I do. My children especially love the villages and I have made sure that I have a number divisible by 4, so that when the time comes to divvy them up, each will get an equal amount. I look forward to the day when little grandchildren stand on tippy-toes to peek at Scrooge observing the past in Fezziwig's Ballroom and stare in fascination( as the cats do) as the tiny, porcelain skaters glide in their never-ending circle at the London Skating Club.

Perhaps they will wish they could eat some of the diminutive treats displayed in the windows of Lafayette's Bakery or Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies.

By New Year's day, I have "had enough" and am anxious to get it all packed away for another year. But for these next few weeks, it wouldn't be Christmas without the glitter and glow of our beloved trimmings.

Enjoy a little tour of our Christmas world.


lifeinredshoes said...

It's beautiful, all of it! Even though I "trimmed" my trimmings this year, the most precious made the cut and I am happy with the results.

Barry Cann said...

Love the villages! Second only to the tree for Christmas cheer...

Breezy said...

Wow! The decorations are spectacular. It looks lovely.