Friday, December 11, 2009

Duggar's Greet Baby #19

I'm surprised by how little the media has responded to the delivery of the Duggar's 19th baby.
I'm surprised the Duggars themselves haven't been wringing every little drop of publicity they can out of this birth, as they have their other blessed events.
Forty-two year old Michelle Duggar delivered her 19th baby by emergency c-section yesterday. The baby girl, due March 18th, weighed only 1 lb. 6 oz.
I am sad for the family and especially for mom Michelle, but this is the reality of a forty-two year old woman who has already had 18 children. The incidence of birth defects and birth difficulties and even maternal death increase with every year past 35.
When the family announced the pregnancy, it was all "happy, happy, joy, joy!" You were quickly reminded of their other 18 upstanding, good-looking, moral, industrious, cheerful and intelligent children if you dared bring up her age or the toll on her body. You were a party-pooper or worse, anti-family!
As long as the outcome is happy lucky pretty, we're all ears, but don't tell us about the outcome that reflects reality.
I hope Michelle is okay and that their poor baby makes it .
I hope she and BillieBob, or whatever his name is, think real hard before a number 20.


lifeinredshoes said...

I thought the same thing, why tempt fate? And after the hellish outcome of Jon and Kate and that whole train wreck who would want to be in the spotlight?
I also wish them well, but come on honey, enough is enough.
And don't get me started about that other blog family! Im'm afraid if I piped up about them someone would firebomb my house!
Do you think they ever PAY for anything?

design gal said...

Ditto to LifeinRed shoes and No, THEY (meaning the other blog family) don't pay for ANYTHING...

Breezy said...

This is sad... made even more so because it is avoidable.

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

Yeah, it is kinda selfish. The whole " we are going to keep going until God says so" is too much. This might be God's way of saying, "yes I allow you to reproduce at 42, but only for special reasons. " I pray the baby is okay and pulls through. WOW 3 months early.

Hawleywood said...

I am quoting my husband when say: It's a vagina, not a clown car. Seriously.

On another note, thank you for the congratulations! I'm very excited about being done with school! As for finding a job, the state budget here in SC is totally f'ed up, so there are pretty much no teaching jobs out there. Right now I'm being mommy's helper for one of my close friends who has 5-month old twins. I am enjoying it, but still hoping for a school job!

On yet another unrelated note: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and I love your snow village!