Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Oh, no!! Run to the bell tower! Alert the villagers!
Catzilla is among us!!!

Screams of terror float on the air above the Dicken's Village. The tiny villagers are frozen with fear as Catzilla steps carefully past the Tutbury Printer and Faversham Lamps to peer inside the Ole Curiosity Shop!

Innocent school children, anxiously huddled together, are witness to the carnage!
Only the pitiable, village idiot continues to sled blithely, calling "Heeer Kiiittteee, Kiitttttteee!"

Beans has suddenly developed an interest in the snow village! She loves the perpetual skaters in the other village, often perching on the nearby chair arm, her head following them as they skate in their never-ending circle. Every now and then she, very gently, reaches out a paw and knocks one of the figures over. Now she is on the prowl for more of the little villagers to playfully paw. She just can't figure out why, in this village, nobody moves... aside from the fact that they are frozen in fear!


Life is good! said...

oh those poor villagers to be so frightened this time of year! and the school children,what must they think? i love the village, i would live there if i could fit!

design gal said...

lol, bad cat!!!

Breezy said...

You think you are the boss.. but the cat is really in charge!