Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michelle Duggar has had a makeover!


Announcing Baby 17-------------------------------Announcing Baby 19

I do believe Mama Duggar got a makeover.
Her old 80's "girl-mullet" has been updated to a 90's gelled, wet curls look. Gone are the big bangs, now swept to the side and the hair around her face is, oh my!...only shoulder length!
Her teeth have been bleached or she's had veneers and , I dare say, she's wearing bronzer!
I guess after all her gussy-ing up it's no wonder she's pregnant with Duggar #19. How could he resist?
"We just couldn't believe this was happening!" Michelle said.
What's so hard to believe? You had unprotected sex, you're only 42. She could easily have at least 2 more kids. In fact, wouldn't it make sense?
Think of the money that would come with the headline "Number 20 for the Duggars!!"


Breezy said...

OH my goodness~~ how can it be??

Are they starting their own country?

design gal said...

I guess when you're 42 & having your 19th baby, you need to do all you can do to look young! After all, she has a 21 year old daughter in law who's due 3 months before her! She can't be looking like a grandma now can she?!

lifeinredshoes said...

Wow, I mean WOW!

Barry Cann said...

*shudder* 19 children...

You gotta take advantage of that and start a sweatshop or something.

Kim said...

Cathy, I didn't know you had a blog! It's great. I will be checking in!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a picture of her and she looks like all the birthing is getting to her. I keep wondering if she really likes sex that much. But you know, they do a good job with their kids and they feed them, so that's all good. I just think they are giving out a harmful message to those women who will attempt to break their record and end up being broken themselves. Pregnancy is dang hard!

annegb said...

that was me anonymous. this thing asks for status or something now.

Anonymous said...

Michelle might have had a makeover, but it looks like she could use another, that includes the whole family. They need to get up-to-date clothing amoung other thinks. Do they belong to a cult?