Sunday, September 6, 2009

I may be wrong...

I don't pretend to know all the answers. I don't want to argue. I'm simply stating how I feel and I may be wrong. Everyone else in my family seems to feel comfortable stating how they feel about it. A day doesn't pass without 2 or 3 "anti government health care" emails arriving in my mailbox.So , here goes...
I would guess that most of the above folks are over 65. I may be wrong. Most of these folks, who make up approximately 12% of the U.S. population, have been depending on and receiving the benefits of a Government Health Care Plan, in the form of Medicare, for quite a few years. And while all town-hall protesters are not Senior Citizens, a good deal are.
I pay a Medicare tax from each of my paychecks to support their care and I am glad to do it, just as I would be glad to pay more taxes to ensure ALL American citizens have adequate health care, not just old folks, congressmen, members of the Armed Services, Government Workers and Veterans.
I would guess these people are all insured,but I may be wrong.
We are insured through my employer. My husband's various employers, for the last 23 years, have not offered affordable health insurance, citing
"we pay you enough to buy your own." Besides my premium of 500 dollars, my employer is, reportedly, paying over 1100 dollars per month to insure my family of 3.
If I were to lose my job, we would be uninsurable because of our weight and the one prescription each, my husband and I use. Even with no preexisting conditions or chronic health problems, once you hit 50, it is very difficult to be insured without being part of a group plan. The insurers simply keep raising your rate until you can't afford to stay with them.

When you are securely insured, either through a government program such as Medicare or as part of a good group plan,
When your employer has not yet fired you and then re-hired you as a contract laborer or cut your hours to 38 per week so they don't have to pay you benefits,
When you do not have a preexisting condition that makes you uninsurable,
When your insurer will pay for your screening colonoscopy, marital counseling, the dermatologist for your teen's acne and your yearly physicals,
Then, it is easy to protest a Government Health Care Plan.
So, I've said my piece.
I know some of you are shaking your heads sadly while lamenting, "She's gone over to the other side"
some of your are shaking your heads while exclaiming "what a dumb-ass"!
and some of you are ready for battle.
I just needed to express my opinion and

I may be wrong.


design gal said...

While some people might be shaking their heads, I am simply saying AMEN! I completely agree with everything you've said!

Breezy said...

3 cheers!!!!!! Well said

lifeinredshoes said...

You know what, I think we haven't been told all the facts, pro or con. Both sides are just out to WIN.

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

It's sad, because I was always told to respect those in office, no matter who it is. Because honestly, I wouldn't want that job. Could Tuesday's outcry finally give the reason as to why kids "these days" have no respect/fear for authority?

Lisa Christiano Rose said...

Cathy, I applaud you for taking a stand for all people. Health care is NOT a partisan issue. It is a moral issue. It is a human issue. I am so sick of people making it political and calling a public option "socialist." Perhaps we should rid ourselves of other "socialist" programs like police, fire, military, Medicare and public schools? France is #1 in health care in the world and they have a hybrid system of private insurance and public option. It's a model that works and we should follow it. We are 37th in the health care and we should be ashamed of that, being the richest country in the world. There is a boatload of propaganda permeating the airwaves and the internet -- all funded by the insurance companies and the Republican party. Thank you for doing your own research and thinking for yourself.

Barry Cann said...

I am currently self employed and buy my own health insurance. It's not too expensive, but nonetheless I pay for it. It doesn't cover much at all, but keeps me safe, at least, from massive debts if something tragic were to happen to me.

If the government offers free health insurance, I'll stop paying for mine. I'll gladly take the free ride regardless of the quality of service. Employers will do the same. Why pay for health insurance for your employees if the government offers a free option? If I were employing 500 people I would drop their coverage in a heartbeat. Enjoy the fruits of your taxes, I'd say. You're paying them. You might as well get the health care you're paying for.

Hawleywood said...

Hear, hear!! I agree totally! I am but a poor student teacher, but when I start teaching full-time I will gladly pay higher taxes to ensure health care for all Americans. Good for you for taking a stand on your blog!