Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Techno-fogey but loves Kings of Leon

I am a techno-fogie. Help! I've fallen and I can't charge my ipod! Before you start, BarryShanSteveTy, I know "I should have read the manual", "It's not that hard", "I'll help you, Mom" (said in a pitying voice...)
I had asked for an MP3 player, the kind my sons have, for my birthday. That way they could show me, help me learn to use it. Don got me an ipod. Everyone wants an ipod, right?!
So, here I am, trying to charge it on the computer, getting the deep "ba-bing" sound. Over and over and over.
It's so sleek! Why don't they make a Jitterbug MP3? I need some direction printed on the case, like a big green ON button and a big red OFF button, volume with an arrow to show you which direction to push the button to get louder.
I can't find a way I like to "carry" it around. Right now I'm using a purple nylon name badge thing-y on a lanyard. I got it at the IRA convention last year. It has a zip pocket and printed on the front is Houghton-Mifflin or some other school book publishing company and it looks completely DORKY! Pair it with mom-jeans and comfortable shoes and you've got yourself a Halloween costume!
Oh!!OK! I had it plugged into the wrong receptacle on the computer. It's stopped "bonging".
And now for something completely off the subject. I LOVE this video and Kings of Leon, or Lee'-ahn, as the announcer says. The "old-timey" song the girl-band sings at the beginning of the video is actually a K of L song, Slow Nights So Long! LOve the juxtaposition of the punky, hard song and the staid line dance, clean cut cowboys. The coy glances and the hot kiss! Enjoy, King of the Rodeo!

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Breezy said...

LOL... I still have that tote bag... in fact it is going with me to Colorado. Now if I can figure out how to download a book I am set!!

Brandon and Michelle Day said...

I am impressed you posted a video!

cathycan said...

Yes, the old dog is learning new tricks!