Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Blahs

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to.....meh....blah....

I'm just not feeling it. I just don't get too excited about birthdays these days.

It has nothing to do with getting older, I don't mind getting older (beats the alternative!) and there's not much you can do about it, so may as well accept it. I just don't care about celebrating my birthday.

My husband is a person that takes all of "his" holidays VERY seriously. He announced, before our daughter's wedding last year, that "he didn't expect his birthday to be overlooked just because we had a wedding the next day!" So I dutifully bought and wrapped presents, blew up balloons, strung streamers and covered the dining room table with the required grocery-store, paper, birthday, table cloth and made sure I had enough candles for the cake or a couple of large number candles to represent the number of years. All out of town guests were invited. My relatives thought I was a saint...I am. Patient, loving, long-suffering, passive aggressive...that's me!

When it's my birthday, I want no streamers, blch!!! I want no paper birthday table cloth, I want no balloons. I enjoy a more low key celebration. Give me a couple of birthday lunch dates with friends, a pretty card from my mom and dad that makes me cry. Get my kids together having fun, throw in some good bbq'd food and a Costco cake and I'm happy!

The kids keep asking "what I want".

I don't know! You already got me some great Mother's day gifts barely a month ago.

I just want you around! I want to see you playing together in the back yard, I want to see you eat, I want you to make me laugh and to laugh at my jokes in return. I want a hug. If you find some little thing that says "mom" to you, then buy it. But really, all you have to give to me is love!


Clair said...

Happy Birthday Cathy!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day! I agree, I'm a low key celebration gal myself. And I want a cake from Costco too. Like right now. Their Cakes are so good! :)

lifeinredshoes said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Have a wonderful day with your family, they are your "real" gifts.

Barry Cann said...


So THATS what you want! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

Breezy said...

Happy Brithday Cathy~~
I am so glad you are in my life...I treasure our friendship.

kelly said...

SHOOT! cuz mtv is doing this new reality TV show like my sweet 16, only for mothers and i was hoping we could get you to go on the show... jk