Wednesday, May 20, 2009

See ya next Winter

What did I ever do to pass the long, cold, dark Winter months before American Idol came to town!? It coincides so conveniently with the changing of the seasons, Winter to Spring, ending just as we are called outside to play in the lengthening light of Spring nights.
Adam, you sexy, gay, boy you! I will miss you! You was robbed!!! (First Prop.8 and now this!)
Chris, my boring, safe, boy next door, try to wipe that look of total disbelief off your face by next week! And get rid of the Mexi-stache.
Actually, both of them have it made in the shade. They'll both be rich and famous... for a while at least. It's a mad world.


lifeinredshoes said...

For me, Adam had it in the bag from day 1. Idol is one instance where coming in 2nd is the best of all the game!

annegb said...

I think it was a plus that Adam didn't win. He won't be tied to American Idol forever and he's a star already. The sky's the limit for this kid. I feel the same about Danny Gokey. Danny's voice is awesome to listen to; I'd buy his CD's. I think he'll be a success that way. I loved Danny from day one, that scratchy voice. I never noticed Adam at all. Honestly. I thought Kris was really cute, but his voice is mediocre. What I do is close my eyes and imagine if I'd buy the CD. That red headed girl has a really great voice, as well.