Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Her Windsong stays on my mind...

I have discovered a great perfume site! http://www.luckyscent.com/.

They review new scents, sell hard to find or discontinued old favorites and best of all, they sell samples!! A couple of dollars gets you a small vial of perfume to try on for size. If you dont like it, you're not out much and if you do, well, you then may acquire the real thing, depending on how much you are willing to fork-over. Unfortunately, lately, the perfumes that really appeal to me are in the hundreds of dollars range!

I love perfume. I feel no shame in stopping a stranger, male or female, in the grocery store, mall or church to say,"you smell so good! What are you wearing?" I'm on the look-out for my perfect perfume. I don't want to smell like every other Happy wearing gal out there. Not that there's anything wrong with Happy, I'm just not wild about Freesia. And I am not a fan of all the new perfumes that smell like cotton candy! I like a musky, "dirt-y" scent. Very dry, green and white. Has to have a patchouli note. I wear perfume every day. I love it when some little guy at school tells me, "you smell nice."

Being a teen in the 70's, I tried many of the perfumes of that era: Charlie, Windsong, Maya, Love's Baby Soft. A pretty eclectic mix! My uncle Herman was a Sales Rep for Dana and in the trunk of his Lincoln was an emporium of perfumes. He introduced me to finer scents like Herme's Caleche and Paco Rabanne's Calendre, both "green" scents. Once those bottles had been savored to the last drop, they were never replaced. Designer taste on a teen budget!

While in college, I discovered L'air du Temps, my favorite for quite a while until I met Rive Gauche. Oh, how I love that scent and its metal silver,blue and black spray can. Yes, a can! Not a bottle! I remember the cold feeling of the metal in my hand as I sprayed it on! It became hard to find and Anais, Anais took it's place.

Of late, I wear Wrappings, a perfume by Clinique that has been almost discontinued and can only be purchased at Christmas. Don knows without asking to always add that to my list! I also have enjoyed Lovely. It's an easy one to wear everyday.

But still I search! I know that my perfect scent is out there! I will find it, if I try enough samples from Luckyscent! I just may have to splurge!


kelly said...

i love perfume too!!! have you tried anthropologie's scents? i usually really like theirs... yummmmmmy

annegb said...

I love Xia Xiang, which Avon sold briefly and I can't find it anywhere. I always wear Beautiful so my grandchildren will think of me whenever they smell that smell.

Except when I wear Joy. I've had that bottle so long, I could probably get drunk drinking it.