Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come on in! I will take you on a little tour.

Come through the gate, the yard is so lovely this time of year!

The iris are heavy with the recent rain.

Cobwebs and Elm seeds stubbornly hang onto the watering cans and sunfaces.
I used to spend hours in my garden manicuring, fine tuning, lavishing it with care.

Now, the morning glory is already beating me at our contest to see just who is the boss of this yard.

Containers wait longingly to be filled with flowers. While plants, like the sedum, think they are getting away with something growing wild and unfettered up between the bricks and anywhere they darn-well choose!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour! Follow the path back to the gate.

Kitty says "come again soon!"


design gal said...

i LOVE your garden! growing up, it was always so comforting to go outside in the summer and enjoy the beauty! whether it was playing jungle barbie in the flowers or pretending to be stranded while making a shelter under the tree's, our yard was the best and still is! on many occasion, new dates would pull up and be like, "wow, your yard is so nice!"

Breezy said...

Lovely yard... it looks so inviting and relaxing.

lifeinredshoes said...

I love your home and your yard. Both are classy, eclectic and beautiful...just like you.

annegb said...

My yard has been especially beautiful this year, it's one of the prettiest springs I remember. Nothing compared to yours, but I also think your photography skills rock the house.

The Cardin's said...

What a beautiful yard! I think I want to come and relax in it!!! The shade of the trees looks VERY inviting and peaceful! Thanks for sharing it!