Thursday, August 4, 2011

My life doesn't look like this...

this picture is not from blog mentioned in post, only used as an example of photography type

The following quote is for reals.  Not my "reals", but someone else's "reals". Someone from Hackensack.

"These next two weeks are crazy! I'm scrambling to get all my work finished before we leave for a family beach vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, then off to France and Switzerland (sans Henry!) at the end of August. Plus, a couple of my girlfriends from NY and I are renting a little beach house just north of San Francisco for three nights this coming week and I'm giddy with excitement for a girls getaway. Hoping a little R&R will rejuvenate me for the next couple weeks of work."

I happened upon this entry from some random blog, you know the kind, beautifully shot, overexposed photos of pretty people living fabulously carefree, stylish, happy lives. Oh, I guess I shouldn't say carefree, there are  times (documented in one of the above mentioned photos) when "Henry" eats all of the Williams Sonoma Parisian Macaroons that grandmommy sent or he gets a sunburn while at grandmommy's charming cottage on Balboa Island.

I do hope though, that she is "rejuvenated for the next couple weeks of work". I have no idea what her "work" entails and I have no plans to go back and find out.

Just interesting to get a glimpse of how others live...and I am in a pissy mood.

That being said, I have to wonder why this bothers me. Am I jealous? My life is pretty darn good, even though I'm not jetting off to France or having a girl's weekend at a beach house..hell, I've never even had a girl's weekend. Unless you count the time me and Bridgette went down to my folks in Hurricane. hahahaha
Coolio said in his song Gangster's Paradise,  "too much television watchin' got me chasin' dreams".
Is that what happens when we look at these blogs? Life is good, we're happy, but if we look too long, pretty soon we're dissatisfied,  jealous, cynical...chasin' dreams?

I don't know. For now I'll chalk it up to being in a pissy mood. And maybe I need to take more pictures in over-expose mode.


just call me jo said...

At first I thought that quote about traveling to France and such was you talkin'. I was commencing to getting all pissy myself. Then I figured out that it was some prissy pants with over exposed pictures. I never really noticed the over exposure thing. Maybe I don't look at snooty enough blogs. I sometimes think my life is pretty darn boring compared to others. You have a real point. Love the quote from Coolio (though I have no idea who that is.) He speaks true!! Just don't go gettin' fancy pants on me, Ms C, or I'm never coming back again. If you read my blog you'll think your life is tantalizing by comparison.

MarlaD said...

Cathy! I have a wonderful and blessed life that I've been told the wannabes are just lurking in the bushes waiting for me to falter on, but I is my guilty little secret...I am jealous of time. Now, I have no desire to frequent east coast beaches (give me Hawaii every time), wear Lilly Pulitzer capris (I'd die first), or live in a house that looks like hers (the horror of perfection), but man 'o man give me sum dat! Her girls are beyond lovely (surely no issues there?), her husband looks like an always affable teddy bear who is never demanding or pees all over the bathroom floor, her meals are plated like the Ritz, everyone goes for a morning run and everyone is as beautiful as one of those family photo shoots from Newport Beach. Cruise through it...EVERYTHING looks like a fairy tale! Paige is my secret little obsession. Sigh...I luv her!

just call me jo said...

Thanks MarlaD, whoever you are, now I've visited Paige and have a sick rock blob in the midst of my stomach. Paige IS delightful. How can she be so nice, sincere, humble, while having that divine and seemingly ideal family. Now I feel like a pile of goo. I can't write as well, photograph as well, or anything. I hang my head in shame. I'll never go there again. I'm depressed. Thanks!

cathycan said...

I remember when we were building our present house. One of my Brownies, who lived in the mobile home park, saw it and exclaimed, "this is my mom's dream house!! We drive by here all the time and she says it's her dream house!"
Now while it is a nice home, I've never thought of it as MY dream house. It's just a middle-class house and it suits me fine.
Just goes to show you, I'll bet Paige has a dream house of her own and maybe a blog she follows and covets! ya never know!

MarlaD said...

Sorry jo! Glad you agree that Paige is delightful, but don't be depressed, because I bet they have to bake several batches of cupcakes to get one that looks so nice, even if they HAVE won the genetic lottery in the good looks arena.

Hawleywood said...

You are too funny! It's so true, though! I find myself getting totally pissed off at people I don't even know because their lives look so freaking fabulous in their blogs. I'd much rather read about you and Shan's real lives any day! Hope all is going well for you!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

LOL!! This is such a funny post. I do agree that life does sometimes look better on the other side of the fence.

Never mind, perhaps it'll rain for the girls weekend away, or even better there will be a strike at the airport and they won't make it to France or Switzerland.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow, I hope it's not too crazy for the next couple of weeks as I have sooooo much to do before I leave to go to SLC. It's so tough being a globetrotter.... (joking of course)

dnA said...

I have a proposal: you & Shan & my mom come back to NYC for girls weekend! Jersey shore is optional of course.