Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone needs to play hookie now and then!

I took a half-day today, when I realized we had 2 hours of special science presentations and I wouldn't have my usual small groups in the afternoon. Left at lunch to go downtown to Art and Soup, a fund-raiser for a Home Health Care organization. They bring together abt. 20 different artists and restaurants and you wander around perusing fine art and eating samples of soup, bread, pastries AND a free scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream (Late Night Snack: a mixture of salty and sweet, mmm!)
Disappointingly, about half the soups offered were some sort of Tomato based soup, the best being a Tomato/Sherry soup, oh, it was good! My other favorite soup was a cream of plantain/green banana with a little dollop of mascarpone and watercress pesto and a little teaspoon of shredded crab, different and deelish! I don't often get to enjoy fine dining, so to experience the melding of exotic, unique flavors is a real treat for me!

All of the art I really loved was, of course, too expensive although I would dearly love to purchase some real art if I were to ever come into some money... I think I'll have to be satisfied with prints!

I finished Jane Eyre. I realized, shortly after starting it, that the Jane Eyre I had read when I was a pre-teen was the Reader's Digest Condensed version, quite different from the original! My mom bought me a subscription to the R.D.C. series. They were colorfully bound, simplified versions of the classics. I loved those books! They were a good introduction to literature. I still have them!
I appreciated the dictionary feature on the Kindle as I read it, this time! The language is very ornate and the sentences long! It felt good to do a little brain pilates! I liked the book as it made me think. I am not a "black and white" person and I had a hard time relating to many of the choices Jane felt she had to make. Also, I don't believe that Rochester's injuries were divine retribution or tutoring, - - - - happens. And why oh why didn't she bring little Adele home to live with them, especially after her own terrible childhood experiences! I wondered if perhaps Jane enjoyed the sense of power her care- giving, for the disabled Rochester, afforded her. She really had the upper hand in that situation.

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, although I'll probably be disappointed in the casting choices as I have a pretty clear idea of what I think Jane and Mr. Rochester should look like. That's the trouble with movies based on books. Have you seen the casting for Water for Elephants?
The creepy vampire from Twilight! That's the best they could do! (Sorry to all you Twilight fans out there)


just call me jo said...

Glad you had a nice afternoon off. Movies are rarely what I envision in a book. Did you like Jane Eyre? Such a gem.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

It's nice to play 'hookie' every now and again. Glad that you had a good time.

Breezy said...

Playing hookie is not only fun times I think it is NECESSARY!!!!!
I loved Jayne Erye. I can't wait now to see the movie.. maybe an afternoon playing hookie?? :)