Monday, December 6, 2010

A typical email that my poor friends are subjected to regularly.

 Written Sunday the 5th Dec. 2010
hey on the 22nd there's a free performance, no tickets needed, just get there 45 min early. It's at 12:15, YOU WANT TO GO WITH ME? damn caps lock!
hahaha or else I just yelled, "YOU WANNA GO WITH ME!!!!!" HAHAHA anyway, we could go to lunch, relax. let me know. Also signed up to get Sundance tickets, I'm trying to go this year, always wanted to go, better now than never! I have everything up cept one village, need to make the "frame" for it so bought the styrofoam but it's such a mess and to do it on the deck, too cold today. oh well I did get my stove cleaned, all beds finally made(from last weeks visitors) lots of shopping online and in store done.( yeah, I'm the one teaching the "Keep the Sabbath day holy" lesson in 2 weeks)
hope you had a nice rest today, that really was a generous thing to do for your ward members, you are a good person!
I am so emotional lately, saw a stray cat today in the office depot parking lot, had to struggle not to think about it and not cry, read about all the f----n pedophiles in the paper yesterday and again just felt hopeless, little boy stood up in testimony meeting and said they were getting kicked out of their trailer. He comes out to church every week by himself, he's 12, I cried and felt powerless. Then I saw this preview for a Sundance Festival movie, A Small Act and I felt better. All you can do is one small act at a time, just make sure you do them. Like you and your roasts ; )  love you, Cathy


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I would love to come with you, if only I could.

One small act of kindness a day that's my philosophy.
Like you I hate to see any strays, whether they be animal or human. As for the pedophiles, it's a nasty world out there,and we all feel helpless.

Don't be too hard on yourself, you are not the only person who feels powerless.

lifeinredshoes said...

At which I commented....let's go find the cat and stop reading the paper!
Hang in there buddy, we'll make it:)

just call me jo said...

At least you feel compassion for others. That's not common now days. I've been weepy and morose lately, but that's common with me. It's the season for joy which brings out my weepiness. Thanks for the post. Love and hugs.

MarlaD said...

Stray animals make me cry ALL the time. Little kids around 4 make me innocent and happy and untainted by the world. A clear day makes me cry. I quite simply, am a crying mess. Welcome to the club. Oh, and I will be getting out the musical Santa my dad bought me when I was about 12 soon...that always guarantees a deluge.

Breezy said...

You know how I feel about cats..that would have been a sure fire way to start the waterworks! Tears seem to come much more easily to me these days.