Monday, December 13, 2010

My son, the fooze.

I need to introduce all of you readers to my wonderful son, Barry.
He has a blog named the fooze.
When he was just a little toddler, my silly-lovey name for him (do you also invent those?) was foozerfay...I know you are all thinking "where the heck did she come up with that"?
Well, as I remember, it had something to (vaguely) do with the novel Watership Down, only in that, foozerfay was a whimsical, magical, nonsensical sounding silly, lovey-name. Anyway, Barry has remembered it and used it in the more adult form of, the fooze.
The reason you need to read his blog is that he is often the family photographer, chronicling our family history. He has posted some darling pictures of my grand daughter Alexa and the rest of the family!    Since I can't find the time to write my blog lately, you can look at his for things I would post if I had time.
His writing and photos of other topics are also entertaining! And he's very handsome as his pictures show! And he's a high jumper! And I love him! So check out his blog for all the things I am too lazy/ tired/ busy to post!


just call me jo said...

He does look like a fine jumper. I'll check it out. Thanks.

Breezy said...

The pictures he posted are adorable!
He is one fine photographer.

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my goodness, that baby is so cute and you look so sweet holding her and she melts your heart doesn't she?
And Barry? He has skillz:)

Suz said...'s suz..from over at beginagain...Love your son's photos..that baby is precious and your kids are gorgeous...must be the air where you abounds
thanks for visiting me..yep we think alike on many things..but I have to warn you I have a wicked streak like Red...nah nat that bad..a fun streak..Looking forward to visiting more often..
Didnt you just love how my grandaughter aced out her brother onthe Christmas card!!