Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Empty Nest

Well, my baby left. I came home and felt like I needed a good cry, but it never came. When I had the chance I just couldn't, I just feel teary now and then. I have to admit, I'm checking my email a couple times, okay, several times a day just in case this is the day he is allowed to write and so far no luck. A funny coincidence, when Ty met with his bishopric at the MTC, one of the counselors saw his name, looked at him and said, "I'll bet your Stephen Cann's brother." My second son Stephen went down to Argentina on his mission, his mission President was Alan Wilkins. He has since come back to Utah to work at BYU and his church calling is now as a member of a bishopric at the MTC. It was Pres. Wilkins! So that was kinda fun to hear! Glad Steve made a good impression and the guy wasn't like, "Oh no, not another of those Cann kids!"

I am so sad that summer is going by so fast! In fact, I can feel pretty down about it and forget to enjoy the days I have. Just like life, eh? I guess I need to find a pin that says Don't be sad the summer ended too soon, just be glad you had a summer! Doesn't Garth Brooks or someone sing a song about that?
So what have I been doing with my time? Well it seems like all of June was taken up with mission prep and making memories...making memories by eating! We went out to lunch and dinner, I cooked his favorite meals, made dessert, went to Kneader's all you can eat french toast for breakfast... Other, skinny families I know, celebrate and make memories by going for a jog together, or hiking or biking. Not us. I've gained so much weight after losing and feeling so skinny last spring and summer! You know how, although it's only  1/3 of what you need to lose, you suddenly feel lithe and thin and slender. People on the street may say, "wow, that gal needs to lose a lot of weight", but you feel greeeat! So it's upsetting to have backslid,  But apparently not upsetting enough to stop eating! I guess I thought it would just stay off forever!! Don has started HCG again so that should help me with all of the salad, vege, meat dinners I'll be cooking. Hopefully I can get back down to my beforeschoolgotout weight before schoolgetsbackin.

Speaking of Don, we are almost empty nesters. Now I know some of you, those of you who can't wait to have the house to yourself for sex in the kitchen anytime you want, are saying right now, "Oh you're so lucky!"  But I am upset, dammit! I don't want to have sex in the kitchen. Don and I need a buffer, hell, TWO buffers. And now one of them has gone. Barry is still, kind of at home in the basement, never see him except when we need some heavy lifting done, or on his way out.

Tell me, those of you with experience, can dogs be used as a buffer? I'm serious.


Allie Waite said...

Yes. Get a dog!! They are honestly like another member of the family! I fully support that potential decision ;)

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Oh yes, a dog will definitely help you...we have been empty nesters for quite some time and it can be a lonely time, but having a dog has certainly made a difference.

And a dog will also help to get you out walking which has to be a good thing.

lifeinredshoes said...

Can dogs be used as a buffer? Why do you think I tolerate the 2 we have?

Cathy Lloyd said...

Love it! Love all the comments! My buffer is the fact that Wayne's a bishop and he's never home! I love the empty nester syndrome...
embrace it...and get a dog! HA!